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Genting trip on March 2011.

Sorry for not updating my blog for weeks. Recently, I'm addicted to a game again.
DINER DASH in Facebook! XD
But now I'm gonna stop myself from that!!

Well, my previous post said that I wanna update about my Genting trip with DongDong last month.

25 March 2011.
Wake up at 6am in the morning,
and plan to have the BigBreakfast for my breakfast.
Too bad, there's a long queue @ Drive-Thru @ Greenland MCD. =\
So mom just bought some dimsum for me to eat on bus.
The bus was late. They said will arrives on 7.30am,
but at the end it arrived at 8 something. ==

On bus, Dong with her WhiteWhite and me with ma PolarPolar. XD

The purpose of this Genting trip is because of the event of  My Astro至尊流行榜颁奖典礼 on Saturday night.
And I'm gonna meet up YeeMin soon!
So I decide to make something DIY for her, with my sincere.
Taadaa~ This is what I made! =D
It's been 3 days to fold the stars,
and 2 days to learn to fold that paper ribbon!
I'm so statisfied with my works! XD
Purple-Before ; Pink-After.
It's nice right? Learnt from WeiBo. Love it so much! :D

We arrived at Genting @ 1pm+,
but we still need to Q-up to wait for our turn to take our room.
We went outside the Garden for some photo shooting. ;D

The mists on that day! But luckily there's no raining.

Yes, I'm short. =.=

I rove this pic much!
Is it because I'm not in the middle of the photo so makes me look even more prettier? LOL!

I think they look alike. Do you agree? XD
Next time remember not to feed her any bananas! LMAO!

I love flowers, she love leaves. XD

After that, we finally get our room number at the tour tower.
First world hotel, Tower 2, 4th floor, Room 4844! (I can still remember so clearly. Yay me! XD)
Later on, I was asked to go to Resort Hotel to take the tickets from someone to that event for Saturday night.

This is when we walked from First world to Resort Hotel and saw that poster on the wall.

After that, since we're free,
a sudden decision is to go to that warm pool! Rain Forest!
Although it's just like baby pool, but it just cost RM5,
and we can play from morning until night!
But of course we don't do that. XD

It's really fun right there.
But my stupid water proof camera don't even proof water till the end.
The battery was wet and it hanged after touched so much water.
Although I dried it with hair dryer but it still can't works. ='(
(But it works only after I'm back to Penang. ==)

After that, we went to have dinner in First world plaza.
Every restaurant is very very very very expensive!!
But we found out that there's a food court, the foods are cheaper than other restaurants!!
Guess what? It's just cost RM15!! Worth!!
It's big enough, and I think other restaurants will sell around RM30 for this big.

This one just cost RM18! It's very big too!
I saw other restaurant sold RM25+ for this big. Gosh!

So next time just go to the food court beside bowling there to eat! :D

Later on, we decided to go to Snow World and after that bowling!!
Luckily I bought my own jackets, hat and gloves. XD
Those things from SnowWorld were so... ya'know... Smelly.
We go in kinda early. Everyone were still having dinner that time.
We didn't know that we cant take photos inside,
but we did it while there's nobody inside. LOL.
(P/S: Guess what's the temperature inside? It's -8 degree. OMGeorge~)
Do you know why DongDong always just got only 1 hand with glove?
Cause we used my iPhone to take pictures,
and it's sence by our hand temperature.
With our gloves on, iPhone can't sence it.
And yet, the gloves she used is difficult to wear and take off,
so she rather don't wear for 1 hand and help me to take picture.
Thanks DongDong! XD
And I'm lucky cause my gloves are easy to wear and take off. Hee!

After that, there's lots of people came in too.
Everyone throw the snows to each other among their friends.
Well, we learnt them. XD
So at the end, we became like this.

Full of snows on us! Very Cold~~~
It's cold until my hand almost can't move!

After that, we decide to went to bowling.
Too bad, it's full. Haiz...
We then go back to hotel and prepare to sleep. =)

26 March 2011.
Early birds woke up early in the morning.
I was asked to wake up at 6 and go to queue up for tickets at 7,
but I was late for an hour.
Had cup noodles as our breakfast cause we don't want to waste money. =)
After that, meet Chuan at the front door of the theme park.
Then, Theme Park time!!!
We're the 2nd people to go in to the theme park. LOL!
But it's too early.....
It's Mr. Mists again.

I love that everything were just like ours!
We played Flying Little Elephant with some early birds!

We spined tea-cup with no 'teas' around!
You spin me right round, baby right round~ XD

We rid pirate ship with just 2 pirates on a ship!

We bumped bumper boat with just 2 of us bumping with each other!

We rid that fast train with just 2 of us on a train!

We rid 'Tutu Train' with a driver and just 2 of us on the long train.

We flied Flying Coaster with nobody!
And the 'Tutu car', the Mary-Go-Round Horse, the Flying Dragon, the Cyclone...
can say except spaceshot, everything we already been before.

After that, around 12pm, every places is full of people.
So we just decide to go to the Chocolate Wonderland.
Bought a chocolate to eat in my room while I'm boring. Hee.

After that, we went to have lunch in the London Bus!
I called for a spaghetti, and she called for a Pizza.
Guess the price!
(Actually I'd forgotten, but it's expensive. ==)

After that, we felt kinda tired, and there's no place for us to go.
So we straightly sit the Sungai Rejang Boat and after that go back to take a bath.
This is when we just sit on that boat.
After that...
Full wet!! Include our sports shoes. XD

Then, we straightly go back to hotel and prepare for tonight! Woots!
I guess I dont need to say about the show in Arena of Stars that night. :D
But after the show, we went to so many hotel is to see the celebrities~
They're great!
And guess what? I touched AlienHuang's hand! XD
He's so friendly~ But I still can't fall in love with him. XD
(I know you all still touched AK's and Della's. I'm jealous!)
And the thing I most angry is that girl!!!!
I will forever remember you!!What the hell, we finally met YeeMin, but she's on a rush,
why don't you just help us take photo faster?!
But luckily I gave my presents for her!! x)

After that, we went back to hotel around 2am.
It's so tired to chase stars.
I don't think I will do that to my idols. It's annoying. =.=

27 March 2011.
The last day in Genting. Woke up very late due to we sleep late last night.
Cup noodles as breakfast again.
After we checked out at 12pm, went to shopping.
I actually spent a lot there! OMGeorge~
Then, 2pm's bus. And reached home around 8pm.

*Some pictures were not post in here. Click here to view full pictures!*

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