Saturday, 19 March 2011

Xiao Hui's Sweet 18th Birthday. ♥

My layout changed again. Teehee!
It's better right? I feel so cute. x)
And I edited my pages above (profile,guestbook,links) for the whole day. =_="
Perhaps gonna design a blog banner when I'm free? :D
Well, enjoy reading my blog then! :)

14 March 2011
It's my bestie's birthday on this day! =D

Whole morning nothing to do, just waiting for the time to past,
and I can go to XiaoHui's house to help her on dressing! XD
4pm, mom fetch me to her house.
Then, while waiting time to past, chit-chit-chat-chat 1st. LOL
And see her replying those wishes from her Facebook friends. XD
After that, about 5 something, she received a call from Yi Yang.
He said that he is coming to her house! LOL.
Then XiaoHui quickly change her clothes and then go down to meet him. (And I'm just following.)
After he reached, he said that wanna bring us go anywhere since he was free. (Actually is just for xiaohui)
Then she just simply said that go find Timothy since he cannot attend her party that night. (Go to kill him XD)
But Yi Yang really bring us to his house. LOL!
After that, talk for a while with Tim, and he went to take a shower 1st.
Then 3 of us go to the playground nearby.
After that, Tim follow us together so that she can attend the party.
While Yi Yang is bringing us go back to Xiao Hui's house,
a little accident happen. Very little...
Tim is trying to move a bike away so that Yi Yang's car only can go out from the playground,
but Tim accidentally drop 2 bikes,
and some little part of the bike broke,
so the owner of the bike ask him to pay for that.
But that uncle is so damn annoying. ==
Give you money enough already laa still luan luan luan.. =___="
After that incident, Yi Yang drop 3 of us back to Xiao Hui's house since she haven't prepare for the party that night yet.
After my decision and suggestions, a pretty princess is born that night! XD

Tadaa! The shoes is very suitable with the dress. :D
(Pee/asS: The shoes is given by me, yinxuan, geon and jikhei. X])
Around 6pm nearly 7pm, Xiao Hui's father drop us for WanLyn,
and 3 of us followed WanLyn's car to Little Cottage.

There's 14 of us that night.
We had a lot of fun while having our dinner.
Chit-chatting, 'suan siao'-ing and so on. XD
And I had Linguine as my dinner.

Yum yum yum, Mushroom is love.
And there's so much cakes for us that night. ==

The dessert.

After finish our dinner, I grabbed XiaoHui to toilet. LOL!
They were preparing the surprise cake for her.

I love this pica.

Make a wish...

Use your mouth to bite the shortest candle up. XD

After have so much fun at little cottage,
all of use went to BED @ Belissa Row.
Aww, I love the effect of lights there~
Pictures time! XD
Me & Pretty Jolyn.

Pretty Yin Xuan & me.

Geon , Me & Yin Xuan.

Cute Geon Daughter & me. Love this pic!♥♥♥ XD

Thanks to Yin Xuan for taking this picture of me......with the lamp. LOL!

Birthday pretty girl Xiao Hui & me.

Pretty Wan Lyn & me.

Me & LengLuii Janice.

All of us. (without Yin Xuan. XD)

The Girls!

After that, everyone went home before 10.30pm due to some of them have class on the next day.
We had a lot of fun together that night.
And I believe our birthday girl were happy with us too. :)
18 years old already!!! Can go pub liaw! Can watch 18 above de movie liaw! XD

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