Saturday, 19 March 2011

A great outing w/ Dongdong. ♥

15 March 2011, had an outing with my old pal, Ooi Dongdong.
Actually, our purpose is to ask about the package to go to Genting,
but after that I only know that we need to be 21 or above only can buy the package. =__="

Firstly, we went to prangin mall to ask for the things.
After that, we walk to Komtar to find 1 of her friend to ask more about that.
It confused us for real. @~@
Then, we went to 1st avenue.
Movie ! Movie ! Movie ! Yay! XD
We went to watch Rango.

Before that, we went for shopping @ Parkson.
But at the end, we played @ there. LOL

At Hello kitty 'wonderland'~ XD
But why the hello kitty here so little bit only one? =~="

We're powerpuff girls' fans! Opps, I mean...she is powerpuff girls' fan! XD

At the Lego table. LOL!

Fixing~ Building~ Childish us!! XD

Dongdong say: "They very selfish, give so few lego for us to play nia eh~"
LMAO! I agree! XD

Our creation. BFF! (Pee/asS: mine one still have 3D type one. XD)

After finish playing lego, we went to eat @ Sushi King.
Why will we go there to eat?!
Actually, I didn't eat Sushi King before for real.
And I want to try and see whether their things is it really so nice or not, or Kirishima better?
My answer is, of course is Kirishima better la!
5 star restaurant leh~ Sushi King don't know how many stars only nia. =="
After that, went to watch our Rango. :)

[Dongdong & Me.]
I still remember before go in to the cinema's toilet,
we walked to the wrong toilet, that is for OKU. XD

The movie is quite nice la, but I dislike the cartoons all in the movie. =.="
They're so... UGLY! LMAO!
After that, went to play 'ting ting' there.
We played the drums and ...
I dont know what name is that game, but it's fun! XD
After that, we went home around 5pm.
Had a lot of fun with her that day. BFF

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