Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Hey there! Saw something different in my blog?
Well, if you're my 'regular customer', you will answer me:
"Obviously, yes!" XD
Actually, my previous layout was using the layout in blogger,
it was designed and edited by myself.
But since there's some problem with my blog while using Mozilla FireFox,
I'll no longer using that anymore.
I want to have something different.
That's why,I changed back to templates.
Much better now? Very good. x)

Okay, back to the topic.
Today is the 1st day of March, and I gotta shout out loud:
I'd escaped from working days!
I'm freedom now! XD
Well, Iris brought me, Jos and Man to eat steamboat @ Prangin yesterday.

Thanks a lot to Iris for belanja me to eat! X3

So what am I going to do next?
Well, before SPM results release, activities that I'm going to do is
play, online, shopping, and ENJOY MY LIFE!
But!! I still gotta help my mom on her work every weekend. Y(=~=)Y

Well, today was a very fun day for me.
Hanged out with Yin Xuan and Xiao Hui for whole day.
1st venue : Union High School.
Ate the foods again, and find some teacher to chit chat.
2nd venue : timesquare.
Walked from school to the bus stand under the 12pm sun.
And sit Rapid to Timesquare.

We went to timesquare is because of Xiaohui wants to cut hair,
but the saloon... dont have anyone inside, except the cashier. ==
Then, we went to take a drink @ 面对面noodle shop,
and we met up geon too.

Best Friends forever. 

3rd venue : 1st avenue.

On the way to 1st avenue @ timesquare. Thanks to yinxuan's phone camera.
(Pee/asS: my phone was out of battery at this time. ==)
After that, go to 1st avenue by 'Bus No.11'. LOL!
Go to met up some friends who worked @ 1st avenue.
And then, crazy snapping again. XD

Oh my XiaoHui~ You look so cute~kawaii neh~ X3
Once again, thanks for yinxuan's phone camera. XD

4th venue : Prangin Mall.
Shop for a while only. Nothing happen @ here.
But we did have a fun day today!
Love you all guys!
We must keep in touch! =)


  1. Oh yeah~freedom liao u
    nxt tuesday wanna go redbox v ev? and eat steamboat =D
    saw ur pic(steamboat) ar,will make me流口水

  2. 8/3? want! but what time and which rb?
    and idk got other event or not pun..