Thursday, 3 February 2011

CNY off days.

1st, I would like to announce that...
My blog is now 2 years old 2 days ago! :D
Happy birthday to my Pink Paradise! x)

Today is the 1st day of 2011 CNY.
Currently staying at home, so I have the time to chitchatdipdap at here. x)
Well, let me say the story from the day before yesterday.

1st of Feb.
-The day I get my salary;
-The day before the 3 days in a row off days; and
-The company staff annual dinner day.
As my previous post said that I'm joining the staff annual dinner's fashion show competition.
Guess what I get? Yes, 1st price. U N B E L I E V A B L E!
Thanks a lot for those who vote me! I appericiate much!
And I think everyone was waiting me to belanja them to makan, right?
Don't worry, I won't break the promise to ya'll. :D
Actually, that day was my 1st day to wear fake eyelashes. :o
And it's my 1st day went to set my hair for a dinner. ==
Want to see? Here you go.

Thanks a lot to my sista and mom for helping me on everything on that day!
Love ya'll much~
Took a lot of pics on that day with other staffs too,
but I look so damn ugly with the flashlights. =.=
By the way...

Taadaa! My RM300 price! It's my 1st angpaw too!
And I'm getting 2 vouchers for the cititel buffet! Oh yeah~ XD
Besides that, they gave condoms. ==
I understand they just want to have fun,
but I feel so malu when they ring on the whole bunch of condoms on me. Eww!
But I'd gave those to 1 of my friend at there. XD

2nd of Feb, yesterday.
It's Chinese New Year Eve!

My dressing on that day~ LOL.
Wake up late in the morning due to the dinner ends at 3 in the morning!
My eyes totally cant open. ==
Anyway, ate reunion lunch with family.
Photo is at my sista there. LOL.
After that, went to tesco and gurney due to wanna buy new clothes for my mom. ==
Bro and sis also bought something there.
Nothing special actually.
After reunion dinner, watch TV until 12am.

Guess what? I wore my school PJ t-shirts on the last day of Chinese 2010 as my pyjamas. XD

Wake up late too, due to insomnia last night. ==
Not feeling any CNY mood. New Year already ah? LOL.
Anyway, wore new shirts! Love it so much~

At mom's friend's house @ Tanjung Bungah.
Like their environment so much! DX

3 of us.

I think that's all until now.
Tomorrow is the last day of off day. Oh no~ D':
Totally not enough time for me to play.
Perhaps going to the gathering with old pals tomorrow.
And also going to take more angpawsss!
And and and waiting for Emelyn to belanja me makan on next Monday! Yay! XD

Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai! :)

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