Thursday, 27 January 2011

Lost and found

January 27, 2011 0
Wow! It has been a month that I did not touch my blog!
(But actually still have 1 more day to a full month. ==)
Well, let's continue from my previous post,
but it will gonna be in fast mode,
cause I'm going back to work now! DX

I'd said that I'm not gonna miss the 2011 new year countdown,
and I didn't miss it for real, celebrated with my Genting tripmates. :D
Thanks guys for having fun with me! :)

After working for a month, feel much better now.
Although I'm still tired everyday, sometimes felt so damn pressure,
but luckily most of the staffs are friendly and helpful to me. :)
And I'm joining the fashion show competition for the coming staff annual dinner!
OMG so nervous. x(
Anyway, wish me luck then. x)
By the way, learnt a lot of japanese word from my japanese friend.
Arigato gozaimasta, Ikuko san! XD

Oh well, recently my mind just have this few things to say.
Follow my twitter to know what am I doing everytime! Heh! x)
And it's time to back to work now. Bye! :)

Pee/asS: Wish you a Happy Chinese New Year first before I forget to update my blog again! XD