Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Hellooo FREEDOM!!

It's over now!
I did it!
I made it!
I ended it!
I dumped it!
I finally get rid of it now!!!!
Freedom I love you!! XD
Pee asS, don't ever ask me whether am I doing great or good in my exams or not,
I'll just tell you that 'ok nia lo', 'dont know how to do lo', 'shyt liaw lo my result'......
I tell you here. I just tried my best... although some I didn't VERY tried my best. =="
But now, no more worries!!
It's over!! It's over!! It's over!!
Sad of didnt do my best? Narh. It's really really over nao. Teehee! x)

By the way, I've just get a hair cut this afternoon.
Wanna see it? Just click into my Facebook and you'll see it. And comment please!
Heh. :) Lazy to upload up here dy. :P

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