Tuesday, 28 December 2010


December 28, 2010 3
I'm so weak!
I'm so tiring!
I'm so moody!
I'm so sick of it!

Haih, after came back from Genting, my sound change 'sexy'. =.=
But had a lot of fun! =)
After that, straightly start working.
So regret that I promise the manager that I can work on 23rd!
So regret that I sleep at 5 in the morning in Genting. =.=
So so so damn tiring! D'X
And still don't have off day yet. T.T
Until today, I'm finally burst!
I'm sick now! Great! XD
Finally I get to rest at home.
Slept for 6 hours just now. LOL.
Hope to get off day soon, cause I still got a lot of things need to do!
I want buy new shirts for CNY!
I want to watch movies!
I want to go Redbox!
I want to tidy my messy things!

I missed the countdown of christmas! X(
But it's okay for me that I'm not a christian.
But I'm not gonna miss the new year one!!
Hope their plan will success. =(

Saturday, 18 December 2010

The days after SPM

December 18, 2010 0
Recently, I'm lazy to write my blog.
Why? Maybe it has been a long time that I rarely write something in here.
Oh well. Perhaps I'm gonna change a new layout to change my mood. (am I joking or seriousing? ==)
Guess what? I'm thinking of changing back to the original layout of blogger.
It's really a big different for me I guess. x)

Recently, I'm watching a new drama show, Four Gifts (女王不下班).
It's because of Cynthia(王心如),
and I saw Astro is going to broadcast this drama too,
and of course is because it's a Taiwan drama,
so I think it will be very nice.
But after I watched this drama,
I only realized that there's some Malaysian artists too!
Nicholas Teo, Andrew Tan and Suki Low!
It was my first time to watch Andrew and Suki in Taiwan drama. LOL
Anyway, I'd finished watching the 13 episode in 3 days. Heh.
It was very nice. And I'm waiting for the new episode now.
Can't wait to see the most climax! XD

Oh ya! Yesterday I went for job interview.
Don't ask me what job I went to interview.
But if you really want to know, just DM me to ask. :)
1stly, the manager, Jane said that they don't hire students that are waiting for SPM results.
But they really need helpers. So and of course, I got the job! x)
It's my 1st time, of course will be very nervous.
So afraid that I can't do it well. x(
But I really have to try. I dont want to be an ostrich! *Sigh

Maybe after this post, I'll rarely update my blog again.
Because after today, my time is fully booked.
Tomorrow - edu fair @ eastin hotel with friends. (missed the horse show with family T.T)
Monday till Wednesday - Genting for 3 days 2 night! OMG I cant wait to go!! XD
Thursday onwards - I'm starting my work! Until March only decide to continue or not... :(

Toodles. :)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Hellooo FREEDOM!!

December 14, 2010 0
It's over now!
I did it!
I made it!
I ended it!
I dumped it!
I finally get rid of it now!!!!
Freedom I love you!! XD
Pee asS, don't ever ask me whether am I doing great or good in my exams or not,
I'll just tell you that 'ok nia lo', 'dont know how to do lo', 'shyt liaw lo my result'......
I tell you here. I just tried my best... although some I didn't VERY tried my best. =="
But now, no more worries!!
It's over!! It's over!! It's over!!
Sad of didnt do my best? Narh. It's really really over nao. Teehee! x)

By the way, I've just get a hair cut this afternoon.
Wanna see it? Just click into my Facebook and you'll see it. And comment please!
Heh. :) Lazy to upload up here dy. :P