Friday, 5 November 2010

What we often did in class

After we'd graduated,
we still need to attend to school due to the attendance is still running.
But some of us feel that study at home is better, at school so boring blah blah blah...
For me, of course I'll not attend to school, but my mom larh~ =__=

As my title said, what we often did in class nowadays?
Study? Nah~ We're still honeymoon-ing! XD
Just view the pictures below and you'll know. x)

I brought the colourful tape to school after I found it in my room,
and just stick everything of mine to let it become in PINK!
Crazy huh? But I love it! XD

The tape again. It's useful! XD
The hand in the left side is Cheryl's,
and mine is the right side one. LOL!
So cute~ x)

And the following is what Geon did in class...
Tadaa! How cute is it~ XD
That's Geon's drawing skill! LOL!
And the colouring is by me and Xiaohui.
Everyone's characteristic were drawn inside.
Teehee! XD

And now, my purposes to write this post are :
1. to write the 1st post in November;
2. to share the pictures above; and
3. to say something below...

SPM left how many days?
SPM left days :O
Oh no! Not enough time for me to online! X(
Anyway, I'll not update my blog until the end of SPM.
Alright. That's all. Bye! x)

Happy Deepavali. :)

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