Thursday, 18 November 2010


5 more days to go... And I gave up a lot!
It's too pressure for me and i don't know what am I doing.
I almost everyday keep scolding people.
I always do something wrong, but I don't feel I'm wrong.
I don't know what's going on with me.
I think a lot of negative things that you would not know how horrible I am.

I actually don't feel so pressure,
but my attitude makes me become an antagonist in my life!
Why can't I think positive things?!
I don't know... I really don't know...
And I don't know what am I talking about now...

I love to cry nowadays, without any reason.
Ya, maybe got reason, but it's my own problem.
I always thought that everyone was trying to do something bad on me.
I always hate people without any reason...
Forgive me please...

I don't know what to do now!
5 more days to go... Should I continue to suffer?
(slapself) What am I talking about?! I should suffer it!
27 more days till the end!
I can't let my mom feel dissapoint on me, even my families!
I must be strong!
Nicole Yie! Be Strong till the end! Fighting!

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