Saturday, 2 October 2010

KaiShi's b'day party after Trial Exam.

The trial ended on yesterday,
but for me, and I guess a lot of students too,
we had already ended the trials on Thursday! xD
And after the civic test on yesterday,
every period were chit chating.
I love this kind of school life! XD

After school, Geon and me went to Prangin Mall by Rapid bus.
OMG, my first time on rapid! LMAO!
Luckily Geon knows how to go Prangin by Rapid.
We went to eat first after we reached Prangin Mall, so hungry that time.
Then, went to search for KaiShi's present, cause we're going to her party after that!
*Pee/asS: Me, Geon, YinXuan, Wakiyo and XiaoHui shared the present.
Bag? T-shirts? Cups? So wondering~
So many choices until Geon and me want to buy all for her by each of us. XD
But at last, we bought 2 nice shirts for her from the shop I.S.O.S.
So nice until I myself also feel wanna buy 1 for myself.. DX
Then, we went for our own shopping before my mum come and fetch me.
But most of the shopping time is for me to choose a pair of nice slippers. XD
Then, mum come and fetch me and Geon back to my home.
And she's so "ngam keng" with my grandma and mum and even my brother. LOL!

At about 6.30pm, my mum fetch us to KaiShi's party at her grandma's house.
We're kinda early, but not as early as Huai Theng, Sze Yong and Ah Fat! XD
(Huai Theng 3.30pm already reached there while KaiShi still havent reach yet.)
Then, we take some pictures for the 'early-ers'. LOL
And slowly, everyone reached. And the party started!
Barbeque with friends were fun!
But now I'm lazy to mention what happens in her party.
After they upload those pictures of her party,
you will know how fun everyone were! x)

Oh ya! Forget to show a surprise!

Taaadaaaa!! I'm without braces now!! woohoo~ XD

And these are with retainer~
Damn hate it cause it's painer than braces! OMFG!

Happy Weekend! =)

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