Friday, 8 October 2010

Hardworking please!

Got a lot of my sucks results in this week.
But luckily my add maths passed! It's the 1st time~ xD
And my sejarah... GDI...
Why can't I just break my record to get more than 20 marks. =.=
And left 3 science subjects to know...
100% confirm fail. Haiz...

Today in class, no is science lab, sit with Cheryl.
Oh my, we talked much more than I talk with Xiao Hui I guess!
As Saw Teng (who sit in front of us) said that,
we talked from the 1st period till the last period. LMAO!
And we did give each of us a type of a bird.
It's lame for ya'll I know. =_=

Another thing is,
I'm finally manage to put on my courage to send a message to my idol, Min.
Since I gave her the letter last year,
I don't dare to ask her about that, because I'm coward =.=
And it's so great that Min still remember my letter! And my face too!!
Oh my~ so happy to see her reply in Facebook! (flying in the sky now~ xD)

You actually can ignore my nonsence and just read the sentence below:
My blog had added a new poll by Nuffnang on the right sidebar.
Kindly take a vote on it when you're here right now.
Thanks a lot! :)

Oh ya! Almost forgot about my WeiBo.
Yes! I'd create a WeiBo account due to George also got one!
It's just like the Twitter in Chinese version.

So,  关注我吧! x)

Happy Weekend. :)

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