Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Random update.

Skipped school again today! *teehee~ X)
But I still can't sleep until late in the morning,
 cause my grandmother want me to follow them to the market...
Oh wait, is not follow, is drive them to the market!
Oh well~ I guess I really need to put on my courage and DRIVE!

A week got 5 days to go to school,
but this week got 2 days for us to holiday, that's Monday and Thurday.
But I'd absent to school for yesterday and today!
So the conclusion is,  I'll just present to school on Friday!
You know why? Cause the trial is on Friday! WTH?!
Oh now.... I'm not ready yet people!!
(I'm actually not ready for every time =__=")
Oh well, just like people said: "豁出去啦!" LOL!

Going to tuition in 1 more hour and a half.
Gotta get ready before get scold by my mommy! Bye! =]

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