Tuesday, 7 September 2010

My 1st post in September,2010.

Hello! I'm here for this month's 1st post. xD
And I'm using my sis's laptop now.
Gawd damn the person who responsible on the adapter in Dell Centre. =.=
Perhaps I'd forget how to function on my Pinky after I get to on back my Pinky. LOL.

Actually, I don't need to specially lend my sis's laptop to online,
cause... I can use my iPhone! (I'm not showing off, just wanna say the reason. :P)
This time I use my sis's laptop is to upload the KRS one-day-camp pictures (that's held about 1 month ago) to my Facebook.
It has been a long time ago that I cant use my laptop,
so I don't want to let my buddies wait until so long only see their ugly faces in my Facebook. Teehee! x)

Since I get to update my blog here, now just let me speak some nonsence in here. :D

Guess how long was my recent layout staying with me?
It's 10 months!!!!!
Don't believe? You can go to my post on November 2009 to take a look at my post about I'd update a new layout, then just view my post 1 by 1 after that post to see that did I update any new layout or what.
So, I hope to get a new layout.
I actually already chose a blogskins layout for my blog before the problem of my laptop happen,
but sometimes I wonder if I use back the tempelates from blogger?
It's pwetty, just like my sis's one...
Hmm... perhaps it's still not the time for me to think of it. :\

Nowadays, I'm in love with the songs in hitz.fm!
The new songs were awesome!
And I love billionaire the most now~
"I wanna be a billionaire, so freakin' bad~"
And pyramid, they said this song was quite long time ago,
but it's still in the chart list!
It's really great~ Haha.
(crazying. ignore me.)

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