Thursday, 16 September 2010

Happy Malaysia Day. =)

It's Malaysia Day today.
1 Malaysia? Actually, I don't think so...
Want us to be unite, the 'big people' in politic please be unite 1st,
let us see you all can do it so we can do it too!
Opps! Can't say too much at here,
If not I don't know what will happen next. =X

Anyway, trial on tomorrow.
Gosh...I'm still in the 'Raya' mode. =.=
And still can update blog pulak. =___=
That's great, a day to holiday before our trial...
It makes me feel more lazy. (Oh yes! I'm an extraordinary lazy student. XD)

I realized that I'd been so long time didn't post any pictures onto my post..
Not vain anymore? Nonono, I'm still so vain,
and is MORE vain now after I'd set Xiao Hui as my Master of Vain. LMAO!
Just because I'm lazy and it takes too much time to let me vain.
I'll post up some of my pictures after I feel to be vain again. *teehee~ X)

Oh well.
Have a splendid holiday to Malaysians,
and have a great time to suffer to the fifth-formers! XD

I'd added musics to my blog.
Enjoy, babe. =)
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