Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Hey people!
Feel something different about my blog?
That right! I'd changed my layouts~
I did it myself. XD
But some stuffs are in the middle of process...
Anyway, give some comment about ma new layout pleaseeee~ X)

By the way, I did absent to school today! =X
The reason is,
1. Exam is coming soon! And I feel to study at home..
(But I'm using the computer the whole morning until now  =.=)
2. I can't get a good sleep last night... My whole body pain with no reason! WTF!
3. Of course, I'm lazy. teehee~ :P

Alright, now my online mood was back too. =___=
Control me!!!
If anyone get to see me online,

If you did, I won't scold you, but will thank you. (sweat~ =__=")

Bye! I really gotta go now. Have a nice day! =)

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