Friday, 24 September 2010

Bye-bye history.

I'm really gonna die with my history...
Why it that so hard for me to read and even memorise?!
Sobx... I thought after the previous exam and I'll be more understand on it...
But, it's still the same... (although I didnt really put on my full effort to read it =X)

Left 1 more week to the end of the Trial.
If I don't need to study History and Malay,
I guess my result won't be so bad and I'll put on more effort on the other subjects. LOL.

Next week, add maths chemistry biology physics and even that stupid civic!
So gonna faint with those subjects! Puhh~
I'm really so lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy... and lazy.
So envy that my cousin's UPSR was over!!
She's freedom now!
But SPMers were still suffering the trial,
and 1 more month to go to the '1 month exam'. So fast so bad. =_=

Okay now. The end of my complaints. xD

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