Friday, 24 September 2010

Bye-bye history.

September 24, 2010 1
I'm really gonna die with my history...
Why it that so hard for me to read and even memorise?!
Sobx... I thought after the previous exam and I'll be more understand on it...
But, it's still the same... (although I didnt really put on my full effort to read it =X)

Left 1 more week to the end of the Trial.
If I don't need to study History and Malay,
I guess my result won't be so bad and I'll put on more effort on the other subjects. LOL.

Next week, add maths chemistry biology physics and even that stupid civic!
So gonna faint with those subjects! Puhh~
I'm really so lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy... and lazy.
So envy that my cousin's UPSR was over!!
She's freedom now!
But SPMers were still suffering the trial,
and 1 more month to go to the '1 month exam'. So fast so bad. =_=

Okay now. The end of my complaints. xD

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Happy Malaysia Day. =)

September 16, 2010 0
It's Malaysia Day today.
1 Malaysia? Actually, I don't think so...
Want us to be unite, the 'big people' in politic please be unite 1st,
let us see you all can do it so we can do it too!
Opps! Can't say too much at here,
If not I don't know what will happen next. =X

Anyway, trial on tomorrow.
Gosh...I'm still in the 'Raya' mode. =.=
And still can update blog pulak. =___=
That's great, a day to holiday before our trial...
It makes me feel more lazy. (Oh yes! I'm an extraordinary lazy student. XD)

I realized that I'd been so long time didn't post any pictures onto my post..
Not vain anymore? Nonono, I'm still so vain,
and is MORE vain now after I'd set Xiao Hui as my Master of Vain. LMAO!
Just because I'm lazy and it takes too much time to let me vain.
I'll post up some of my pictures after I feel to be vain again. *teehee~ X)

Oh well.
Have a splendid holiday to Malaysians,
and have a great time to suffer to the fifth-formers! XD

I'd added musics to my blog.
Enjoy, babe. =)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Random update.

September 15, 2010 0
Skipped school again today! *teehee~ X)
But I still can't sleep until late in the morning,
 cause my grandmother want me to follow them to the market...
Oh wait, is not follow, is drive them to the market!
Oh well~ I guess I really need to put on my courage and DRIVE!

A week got 5 days to go to school,
but this week got 2 days for us to holiday, that's Monday and Thurday.
But I'd absent to school for yesterday and today!
So the conclusion is,  I'll just present to school on Friday!
You know why? Cause the trial is on Friday! WTH?!
Oh now.... I'm not ready yet people!!
(I'm actually not ready for every time =__=")
Oh well, just like people said: "豁出去啦!" LOL!

Going to tuition in 1 more hour and a half.
Gotta get ready before get scold by my mommy! Bye! =]

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


September 14, 2010 0
Hey people!
Feel something different about my blog?
That right! I'd changed my layouts~
I did it myself. XD
But some stuffs are in the middle of process...
Anyway, give some comment about ma new layout pleaseeee~ X)

By the way, I did absent to school today! =X
The reason is,
1. Exam is coming soon! And I feel to study at home..
(But I'm using the computer the whole morning until now  =.=)
2. I can't get a good sleep last night... My whole body pain with no reason! WTF!
3. Of course, I'm lazy. teehee~ :P

Alright, now my online mood was back too. =___=
Control me!!!
If anyone get to see me online,

If you did, I won't scold you, but will thank you. (sweat~ =__=")

Bye! I really gotta go now. Have a nice day! =)

Monday, 13 September 2010

My adapter was here!

September 13, 2010 0
Good news that my adapter was finally reached my home today!
And I finally, finally and FINALLY can use back my own laptop to online now!
Yeapyy~!! xD

But the damn most thingy is, Trial is coming soon!
Oh well, perhaps will update and change something in my blog after today.
Bye! =)

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

My 1st post in September,2010.

September 07, 2010 0
Hello! I'm here for this month's 1st post. xD
And I'm using my sis's laptop now.
Gawd damn the person who responsible on the adapter in Dell Centre. =.=
Perhaps I'd forget how to function on my Pinky after I get to on back my Pinky. LOL.

Actually, I don't need to specially lend my sis's laptop to online,
cause... I can use my iPhone! (I'm not showing off, just wanna say the reason. :P)
This time I use my sis's laptop is to upload the KRS one-day-camp pictures (that's held about 1 month ago) to my Facebook.
It has been a long time ago that I cant use my laptop,
so I don't want to let my buddies wait until so long only see their ugly faces in my Facebook. Teehee! x)

Since I get to update my blog here, now just let me speak some nonsence in here. :D

Guess how long was my recent layout staying with me?
It's 10 months!!!!!
Don't believe? You can go to my post on November 2009 to take a look at my post about I'd update a new layout, then just view my post 1 by 1 after that post to see that did I update any new layout or what.
So, I hope to get a new layout.
I actually already chose a blogskins layout for my blog before the problem of my laptop happen,
but sometimes I wonder if I use back the tempelates from blogger?
It's pwetty, just like my sis's one...
Hmm... perhaps it's still not the time for me to think of it. :\

Nowadays, I'm in love with the songs in!
The new songs were awesome!
And I love billionaire the most now~
"I wanna be a billionaire, so freakin' bad~"
And pyramid, they said this song was quite long time ago,
but it's still in the chart list!
It's really great~ Haha.
(crazying. ignore me.)