Friday, 2 July 2010

The slogan is BACK!

Do you know what's the title meant?
What's the slogan that I'm talking about??
Okay, let me talk about it in this post,
And anything happened in the previous days that I didn't update to my blog, STAY TUNE! :D

The slogan is : "We're the champion!"
It's grabbed from the movie "Chicken Little" I guess,
and we used it on our english sketch competition 2 years ago.
That time, we really get a champion for the competition!
But until today, this slogan had dissapeared from the member's mouth, including me!
But today! I'd remember it after we get another champion for our english sketch competition!!!
Oh my~ We didn't expect that we can get any prices for this year's competition!
And everyone of us were just like "We join this competition this year is just for FUN!"
But but but...oh my damn god~ I still can't believe it...
Everyone of us did mistakes when we perform on the stage,
and the practices were on the last minute. ==
Oh well. Skip off my nonsence!

About the contents of our team's advertisment sketch?
(Oh ya, it's an advertisment sketch, not about storiessss~)
I'll update our pictures and also the details of our "advertisment" after Kar Wei had gave me all the pictures that we took today. :)

And allow me to say something here.
Boon, thanks for you and TKF's idea!!! You 2 were the two who has the creativity to think of those funny things! It makes me laugh all the time whenever I think of that! hahaa~
Kate, although you did a lot of mistakes, but your acting is great! If you become an actor in the future, I'll be the one of your fans! GOOD JOB GIRL! :D
Kar Wei, OMG! I'm so in love with your moonwalk! Can say handsome? haha! and I think you'll started have a lot of fans after today! LOL! xD
Ah fok and weline, the "twins"? haha dont scold me. But you 2 were very cute on dancing cancan! haha~
And thanks to the helpers today!
And you girls must thanks me a lot than I thanks yo all!
Cause, I'd skipped tuition classes to edit our competition's songs!!! LOL!!!
And too get scolded a lot of time by my mum and grandma. (Don't laugh at me. =.=)

Okay. I'll update the pictures soon.
Gotta get a rest now.
And oh yaa! HSM dancing competition on this coming Sunday!
I'm still gonna tired until next week.
Oh well, who wants to be our school team supporters???
Let me know so that I can tell you more about the details! :D


  1. GAMBATEH ya....i would like 2 do ur supporter.....hehe...

  2. sure can!
    then are u going tomorrow?