Saturday, 3 July 2010

Sketch Pictures here! ♥

From the previous post that I'd mentioned about the sketch competition,
now I'm going to show the pictures on our sketch and characters. :D

1stly, let me introduce myself 1st.
Know what character I am now?
Yes! I'm the Pantene promoter. XD
(To yinxuan, Use Pantene! Don't use Sunsilk! xD)
(Pee/asS: this giant pantene is created by Kar Wei. Give her a big clap!)

And then, welcome our pirate VCD seller, Boon Yan!
Malaysian who watches Astro On Demand,
did you felt that this guy looks so similar?
Yes! It's the person always promote things on Astro On Demand! LOL!
"Hey brother~~" xDxD

And then, welcome the "idol" of some afternoon session students, TKF!
What's that?
Oh ya! It's the Gatsby moving rubbers!
Yes, she promotes Gatsby!
Haha~ imagine that she act as the japanese in the real gatsby advertisment. xD
Turn around and turn her hair~ LOL!

Next, please welcome our Micheal Jackson and Kate!
From left: Kar Wei as Micheal Jackson ; Kate as a pirate VCD buyer.
And I just wanna say,
Oh my~~ This Micheal was DAMN COOL!!
I was get "sot" by her when she did her moonwalk~ xD
[I think I have mentioned this in the previos post X)]

And then, let welcome the others! :)
From left: Me, act as another character, Lady Gaga! (Don't laugh at me,I know it's still far far away..) ; Ah fok as 1 of the cancan dancer.

From left: Esther as a football player ; Jhee Cheng as our helper ; Weline as another cancan dancer.

And this is Kate's friend..(or sister? idk. =.=), a tv watcher.

And actually there's some 'kalefeh' that I didn't mention,
so maybe you'll saw it later.
(Pee/asS: Boon Yan still act as the 'metro golden mayor' lion. xD)

Oh well, I just run through a bit about the sketch ok d laa~ XP

The Advertisment starts with Kate, the main character.

The pirate VCD seller came to introduce CD.

So she went back home wanna watch the VCD with Yi Ling.

The movie starts with the "metro golden mayor" lion. xD Boon Yan is damn cute with the ears.

And the VCD got some advertisment such as Pantene and Gatsby.

Gatsby, Moving Rubbers! xDxD

And then, finally the movie starts! (That's the MV VCD)
And guess who's up there? XP

I'm gonna scream on that!!!! ARRR!!!! Micheal Jackson!!!!
(But I dislike the real person of MJ for actually ==) xD

Actually the VCD it's about the hits songs, but why there is still the can can dance?!?!

Kate got mad because of everything in the VCD has mixed up! xD

Until the end, the VCD player boomed! And the actors' hair was in a mess, so, Pantene again! xD

And then, Kate doesn't want to watch VCD anymore. She watch Astro Supersports!!!(Channel 805 XD)
Fifa World Cup!!! GOAL!!! XD

===== The End. =====
Buy Original, See Original! x)

After we went in to the hall, they started to announce the placing.
"And the 1st place of Form 4 and form 5 category goes to... Buy Original, See Original!!!"
Woohoo!! Markah Merit again!! xD
Thanks for you girl's cooperations in this "cincai" sketch competition~
We did it!!! Give a big clap to yourself!!! (clap clap clap clap clap~)

And now, let me add in some of our own pictures, but still is the sketch pictures laa. :)
The promoters~ X)

The artists~ XD

Rocker!!! (Kar Wei looks more alike laa xD)

Micheal Jackson vs Lady Gaga?? hahaha~
(ignore the guy behind =P)

My advice, both of you can create your own team d laa xD yeng! x)

The "pet" beside me had become a real pet! LOL!

Weline is filling the forms for us X) oh yess~

It was like, roar and meow?
Or, "rah rah ra ah ah, ra ma ra ma ma~"? xD

Gatsby! Moving Rubbers! (I want the pink one!!!!)

And now, Thanks a lot to Kar Wei's cyber-shot camera,
and Poh Ting as the camera lady, although most of those pics were damn blur~ X)

[For more pictures, Click me!]

-----THE END-----

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