Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The day I'd a lots fun ♥

July 06, 2010 0

I don't know what to write on this post for opening. ==
Anyway, for the HSM My School Rocks competition,
I know that we had done a great job although we didn't win anything.
Fish, Nidel, Melissa, Sarmila, Jasmine, Joey and Evonne..
Give yourself a big clap! We did it on the stage!
And thanks to our coach, Mr. Bryan and Mr. Black for giving us your time on teaching us the dance!
And finally, Congratulations to PCGHS won the champion!
Their dance was awesome!!! :D
We had a lot of fun there, it's too many picture's to upload.
So, Click me to view the pictures! :)

And now, let's talk about the 'celebrations' at Boon Yan's house on Sunday.
What celebration? That is decided by Ah Fok for our champion sketch celebrations.
She suddenly decide that on Saturday, go to Boon's house to swimming.
So I went there after my competition.
After I bath at her house, ahfok, weline and TKF finally had reached there,
But I told them that my mum not allowed me to swim. X(
So they also don't want to swim. ==
We sat in her room to chit chat for quite a long time.
And I took her things to play. xD

Aww~ how cute is her shoes xD

I damn love her Hamtaro so much, although I myself have a bigger one. xD

"tap tap tap tap tap..." someone came to her house to SMS. =.=

And then, we finally decided to go down to the Kapitan shop to eat Roti Canai.
But so unfortunately, they're out of roti canai. =______="
So we ate Naan.

And that time, Yi Ling came. So pity her cause didn't hear her sound for the whole day. X)

And then, went to the playground downstairs.
A short time, but have a lot of fun!!

See-saw! So miss the time when im still a child, sitting on the see-saw to play.

 Look at them! They were so enjoy the swing~
But their "funny faces" had been captured by me. xD

Oh yeah! This pic were so nice~ xD

Look at Boon's "Hang Ten"! LMAO!

Kung Fu kick for the camera man infront! haha.

And suddenly, Boon disappeared! Where did she go?! xD
Actually there's still a lot of pictures taken by me~
And that's imposibble to call me to upload all into my blog. =.=

After playing in the playground,
I decide to play Wii in her living room.
But Boon said that she need to find her swimming suit to swim with Fok.
Until the end, no more swimming, Wii time! xD

What a nice view from her house living room...I wish to have a living room like her's. :(

And the Wii's pictures, click: ' 1 2 3 4 ' to view more pictures by Boon in her tumblr.
And now, let me show u about Boon's creativity while editing Ah Fok's Wii avatar. xD

Tadaa! That's the face that boon edit it 1stly while Ah Fok was on the phone with her mum...
But then the funniest one is...

TAAAADDAAAA!!! HAHAHAHAAA!!! We laugh a long time on this! xDxD
Boon did it worst! But of course Ah Fok didn't use this as her avatar. xD (I'm still laughing now! LOL!!!)

And guess who is this? That's also the creativity by Boon Yan,
but it's quite a long time ago since TKF said that she don't want to edit herself.
(Opps! I said it out! So sorry! xD)

And we played until very late.
And finally Kar Wei came about 8pm something...

What a nice pose by Kar Wei! Haha caught by me. xD

And then, when Boon and TKF were still continue playing boxing,
some of us took Kar Wei's camera to take pictures at the corridor.
(Kar Wei! I'm waiting for your pictures! =X)

And then, we finally went out from Boon's house about 9pm nearly 10pm.
But then Weline was so hungry.
So we went to a lot of place to find some stall food to eat.
Finally found a place that has place to let Kar Wei to park her car.
Then we went home about 11pm.

Guess what? I first time didn't go home for about 17 hours!! xD
Because my mum told me that on that Saturday was my last time to hang out with friends. T.T
*Sign... I hate the SPM life. X(
But I was having a lot fun on that day!
Enjoying the dance with my team on stage...
Enjoying the fun with my sketch gang in Boon's house...
That's what my title meant...
I'll miss the time when I'm still in the secondary school!
(but not the time when I suffer with my books. ==)
Friends, will we have another gathering after we graduate??
I hope the time won't pass...
Please stay at the time when we're having our fun before graduate...#

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Sketch Pictures here! ♥

July 03, 2010 0
From the previous post that I'd mentioned about the sketch competition,
now I'm going to show the pictures on our sketch and characters. :D

1stly, let me introduce myself 1st.
Know what character I am now?
Yes! I'm the Pantene promoter. XD
(To yinxuan, Use Pantene! Don't use Sunsilk! xD)
(Pee/asS: this giant pantene is created by Kar Wei. Give her a big clap!)

Friday, 2 July 2010

The slogan is BACK!

July 02, 2010 2
Do you know what's the title meant?
What's the slogan that I'm talking about??
Okay, let me talk about it in this post,
And anything happened in the previous days that I didn't update to my blog, STAY TUNE! :D

The slogan is : "We're the champion!"
It's grabbed from the movie "Chicken Little" I guess,
and we used it on our english sketch competition 2 years ago.
That time, we really get a champion for the competition!
But until today, this slogan had dissapeared from the member's mouth, including me!
But today! I'd remember it after we get another champion for our english sketch competition!!!
Oh my~ We didn't expect that we can get any prices for this year's competition!
And everyone of us were just like "We join this competition this year is just for FUN!"
But but but...oh my damn god~ I still can't believe it...
Everyone of us did mistakes when we perform on the stage,
and the practices were on the last minute. ==
Oh well. Skip off my nonsence!

About the contents of our team's advertisment sketch?
(Oh ya, it's an advertisment sketch, not about storiessss~)
I'll update our pictures and also the details of our "advertisment" after Kar Wei had gave me all the pictures that we took today. :)

And allow me to say something here.
Boon, thanks for you and TKF's idea!!! You 2 were the two who has the creativity to think of those funny things! It makes me laugh all the time whenever I think of that! hahaa~
Kate, although you did a lot of mistakes, but your acting is great! If you become an actor in the future, I'll be the one of your fans! GOOD JOB GIRL! :D
Kar Wei, OMG! I'm so in love with your moonwalk! Can say handsome? haha! and I think you'll started have a lot of fans after today! LOL! xD
Ah fok and weline, the "twins"? haha dont scold me. But you 2 were very cute on dancing cancan! haha~
And thanks to the helpers today!
And you girls must thanks me a lot than I thanks yo all!
Cause, I'd skipped tuition classes to edit our competition's songs!!! LOL!!!
And too get scolded a lot of time by my mum and grandma. (Don't laugh at me. =.=)

Okay. I'll update the pictures soon.
Gotta get a rest now.
And oh yaa! HSM dancing competition on this coming Sunday!
I'm still gonna tired until next week.
Oh well, who wants to be our school team supporters???
Let me know so that I can tell you more about the details! :D

Belated Wishes ♥

July 02, 2010 0
This is a very belated wish to my mummy (in my blog).



Thanks for bringing me to the world.
Thanks for caring us for so many years.
Thanks for your tolerate on my bad attitude.
Thanks for your hard work on taking the family well.
There's too many things to thank you, my mummy.
You're the BEST ever!
So that's the award from me and Leonard to give it to you.

I Love You, My pwettiee Mother. ♥