Saturday, 5 June 2010


I'm sorry for my late updates again.
Happy Holidays peeps!
And finally mid-year exam has over.
The results will be sucks at all! GDI
Anyway, it's my own problem. I can't blame it.

Okay now. Today is my 9th day of my 7teen years old.
And I'd 8 days didn't update my blog. ==
So now, let see my presents!

First, thanks for LiTheng's cup! I love it so much~♥

How cute was that~ Although I less use cups, but I'll start to use it from now on. =D

And then, thanks for Vivian's keychain~

Aww... my Cici's eyes changed small! (said by Weline =X)
LOL. Cause I had one old Cici's keychain with her big eyes,
so she felt that my new Cici's eyes changed small. LMAO!
And actually, this keychain was bought at Prangin Mall.
You know why I knew it? Because I'm there when she was buying this!
And she lied me that is bought for her xxx friend! GDI! xD
Anyway, it's over and you gave it to me. Thanks! ^^

And another thing is,
thanks for the cake from Shu Chuan,
and another cake from my family!
Thank you. It's yummy.
So I'd gained weight after that day! LOL! XD

And the iPhone...I don't need to mention it again,
because everyone were jealousing me now! LOL!
But I still need to thanks to my beloved sister!
She bought me an iPhone's "Costume"! =D

I'm so excited when I saw the cover!!
It's pink pink blink! ♥♥♥
Thank you my DaJie! Muakz! xD

That's all for my presents.
Although it's very few of them, but it's a big happy to me!
I don't need to much presents, I just need your wishes!
But then, one of the best friend of mine had miss it...
I'm so dissapointed.
Anyway, it's over. I don't have to tell you.
And once again, thanks for the 300++ wishes from facebook and sms! =)

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