Friday, 11 June 2010


Woots! Just came back from Queensbay Mall. :D
I love Neway!
Yup, I agree I love new things ;P
Cause it's new and clean and CLASS! wow~
But it's expensive although I get a discount. =.=
(Pee/asS: discount from my IC, I got 2 number "8" in my IC number! XD)
I love the FORWARD control! XD (ignore this ==)
Okay. Anyway, pictures are less than previous hang out days'.
But videos a lot! Stay tune! :D
And dongdong and me wore the same shirt! Don't be mistaken!
The shirt that we wore today is me, dong and Yan bought it at the same time with purposely =P
But then Yan can't attend todays hang out with us. =(
So, I guess most of the strangers thought that we are couple? LOL.
Skip this!
It's late now.
And I'd just uploaded the pictures to my facebook.
View it at there!

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