Friday, 18 June 2010

I love to drive! ♥

I'm back from car practical~~
It's my 1st time driving car!!!
I'm so in love with it although I need to drive the same way for 3 hours. =.=
I wonder next practical lesson will learn how to parking and up the hill and so on?
Oww I'm so excited! xD
But ofcourse auto is better than manual. X)
Hope to pass faster and drive freedomly! wheee~~
And I feel kinda sick now...
Maybe is the problem that I had hungry for 2 hours at there. =.=
I wanna watch Toy Story 3 later!!!
Gurney Gurney all fully booked. =.=
Luckily Queensbay still got place...
But I want 3D!!!!
Aww... But the most thing is I hope my mom can come back home earlier better than no chance to watch. X)

Oh ya! For some of my school friends, or anyone close friends that have my contact number,
do you received my message about my new contact number?
If you didn't, PM me about that!
Cause I'm gonna stop using my previous number from now on!
If you had received, please update your contact list! A big Thank you!! =)
(Pee/asS: Don't ask for my contact number if I don't very know you or we are not close enough.)

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