Saturday, 12 June 2010


I was feeling to change everything in my web life...
Yes, as my previous post mentioned,
I love new things more than old things!
If I change everything, my mood change better. :P

Firstly, my facebook!
I must stop playing games now!
But maybe I'll continue it after spm or when I'm boring. ==
And I feel to change my web name? IDK what to use. :/
And the friend list in my account!
It's too many to let me delete unknowns now!
But I'm so lazy to create a new account and add my friends again. =.=
What to do? See my mood laa. =.=

And then, my beloved blog...
I feel to change my layout now although I'm still love my recent layout, Pixeled.
And am I gonna use back the tempelete type?
Or the original layout type? *Dizzying~ @.@
And if can, ofcourse my blog link.
If it doesn't have the word "blogspot" in my link will be better. xD

And my beloved Plurk, can I delete you?
Haiz...few weeks didn't update it already... =(
But forgive me that now I'm addicted in Twitter! X)
Plurk...I wrote down my mood last time but now,
I'm just like gonna wash away my memory. ==
Hmm...let's see how am I gonna do after few days. :P

And my album, I'd give up you on uploading my new pictures to you!
Because mostly I upload my pictures with friends in facebook for tagging people.
Should I close it? Another dizzies. ==

And lastly, MY LIFE!
I wanna be rich!!
I wanna have a rich life!!
Aww...I know I'm dreaming. :\

So now? I'm searching for my mind. Gimme a break.

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