Friday, 28 May 2010

I am officially 17 now ♥

Back to yesterday first...
Finally, exam has over 5 days!
But still left 5 days...
and the following papers will let you die in the classroom. =.=
Biology, Physics, Add Maths...
Just 3 of this also will make me DIE!
don't say add somemore other papers... *sign...

When I was examing,
I thought of if I had a time machine,
I will go back to standard 1 to learn back my languages basic. LOL
I remembered that someone had told me before that she wanted to create a time machine in the future...
I had forgotten who is she X(
but if I remembered it, I will ask her to give me try once after she had created it. XD

And if anyone of you followed my plurk,
I guess you know that I had received a new Iphone from my uncle and his family.
(I think previous post I had already mension that =.=)
OMG...I still can't believe that I'm using an IPHONE now!!!
You know what? Actually that Iphone is my aunty from Singapore bought it for my uncle,
but my uncle don't want to use it, so he gift me that Iphone as my birthday present.
Let the pictures prove that I GOT MY OWN IPHONE! XD

Taadaa!! It's black in colour,
but my sis said that she will buy me the pink cover of it as my birthday present. xD

Okay. Lets walk into the topic of this post.
Today is a big day! Right?
I guess you know what it is~
It's........Wesak Day!
What a big day~ Traffic jam every where~ LOL!
Actually, I just wanna thanks to everyone who wished me on these 3 days!
Although lots of them I didn't know about them in facebook,
but still wanna thanks...thanks you guys makes me reply your wishes for the whole day =.=
haha~ just kiding~
And guess what, there's about 200 of person in facebook had wished me in 1 day!
I think you should know how busy I am~
and last night until today,
my phone credits had been used so much reply the wishes ^^
and now, I am good to type sms with touch screen now XD (I'm kinda sombong ;P *teehee~)
Anyway, this year's birthday is different as the previous year too.
(actually every year's celebrations are different =.=)
cause, 1st time received 200 wishes from facebook,
and an extra big presents from my uncle with his family,
and stay at home the whole day to upload picture, updating blog and replying message. XD
What a great birthday I had this year! LMAO!

This morning I went to pray at the buddist association.
And after that, my mom surpose she wanna go to the EVE bakery shop to buy cake for me,
but they were off today =(
so she went to Eden to buy cake.

This cake is nice right?? I wan it~~~
but it's in a chocolate flavour =(
and my cake is...

Taadaa! I know it's childish X)
but this is just the one that is not chocolate flavour ;X

I'm officially 17 now. I wanna be tall!
I'm officially 17 now. I wanna get my own car licience!
I'm officially 17 now. I wanna better life!
I'm officially 17 now. I wanna...... (forgotten again =.=)
I'm officially 17 now. I wanna say...
THANK YOU to those who had wished me in these 3 days!!! ♥♥♥

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