Friday, 7 May 2010


My online mood is going down now~
That's a great news!
But if I don't have any homeworks or tuitions,
or my mum or sister did call me to help them do something online,
I will still on Facebook! LOL.
Blogger? Narhh...Lazy to update laa =.=
Anyway, I've a lotz of things to speak out again today. ("History")

My latest post is on the last day of April,
so my "history" is from the 1st of May.
It's Labour day. Everyone working was on holiday.
Went to Prangin with viv and shu chuan.
I just have 1 pictures on that day.
But viv the paparazi had taken a lot of my ugly pictures. =.=
Anyway, my only pictures is --

2 childish gina were shooting each other! XD

2nd of May,
went to Dewan Sri Pinang for the Penang Inter-school Drama Competition.
Of course I'm the audience. XD
This year's drama of each school were better than last year.
Quite nice. And I love the Champion School's drama!
On that day, guess what? I'm away from home for 12 hours plus plus!
7.15am, XinYing came to fetch me and then JingYan.
And we went to eat after the competition finished,
until 8.30pm plus plus only went back home. FML!
Of course, I'm totally break down!
Now, lets enjoy some pictures on that day...but not drama pictures.=.=

ME, XinYing,JingYan (paiseh, I've grabed XinYing's scene XD)

The Pinky Owner! LMAO!

DeeNise and me.

This picture is taken before went back. Nice huh? (of course laa~ I capture one leh XD)
Actually, my phone took a few pictures only.
Some of the pictures were in others' phone.

Next on, school time of course!
Now I've started a bad habit -- sleep in class before the bell rings!
Another bad habit -- (pictures)

[Nicole Yie ♥ Geon Ng]

[Nicole Yie ♥ Xiao Hui]

Both of this words were written by xiao hui XD
We did draw each other's hands when we were boring.

Anyway, the school time "lililolo" things I've forgotten.
Skip school topic.
Oh ya! One of my happy memory happened!
That is, I dreamnt Min in my night dream!!
It's the just 1st time only~
But the dream is too I can't describe it properly now. LOL!

(skip off those bad memory in school...)

Today, YinXuan had bought a cake to school.
The reason is, tomorrow is JiKhei's birthday.
So we 8 friends celebrate with her in class today.
And today I only realized that,
when I'm hungry, cake is not the food that can full my stomach.
Recess time, they ate the cake, and me either.
After recess, I'm still hungry.
Luckily still can tahan until back home.
(skip those nonsence ==)
Anyway, a very big wish to JiKhei,
Happy Birthday to you! :D

Oh ya!
I think I've said that I'm going to cut my hair right?

Actually it's just front hair and abit of spoiled hair behind.
Perhaps I'm going to shorthen my hair after SPM...
It's just a maybe. LOL.

Mother's day is coming!
Flowers? Eyerings? Cosmetics? or any Dresses???
I'm still wondering what if I just write a card for my mum?
Narhh... I don't want laa...
Tomorrow is going to Gurney to choose with my sister.
Hope not so expensive laa. X)

It's already 7th of May...
I hope I can wake up to study now...

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