Friday, 28 May 2010

Happy Birthday to Grandma! ♥

Happy Birthday to my Grandmother!! ♥♥♥

Yesterday night went to celebrate my grandma's birthday.
Kinda fun!
But I'm really lazy to write the full journey..
so let see some of the pics to know about it.

Actually I put this pic on is to let u guys see before the dinner starts and what's on my head.
Saw it? So now lets see after that what's on my head...

Taadaa! LOL!!
That's a present from my cousin Natasha. How cute it is.
And the hairband ran to my sister's head. XD

This is the view of the room.

Guess what? My uncle and his family gift me an Iphone for my birthday present!!
Oh my god...until now I still can't believe that I'm using Iphone now!!! XD

And now, let me introduce our yesterday's MC a.k.a DJ!

Taadaa!! Her name is Natasha and she is 7 years old.
cute huh? the activest one yesterday. XD

Grandma sang in her birthday! Woots!
I think she should go and join the Astro经典名曲歌唱大赛. XD

Anyway, we sang too! LOL my sound is not as nice as my sister. X)

She grabbed my mic T.T

Look at this! nice shoot huh? of course laa I took the pic wan leh XD LMAO!

Greedy MC use 2 mic. Wanna rap? Come on! XD

Grandma's birthday cake! It's called 寿桃. How cute it is XD

Singing birthday song~ Look grandma was so happy~ =)

Wondering why am I not in there? And what's the thing they were looking at??

LOL! I'm singing the birthday song with the DJ! 3 languages: English, Chinese and Malay!

This is the one. Everyone of us... ♥ sweet...I also want~~~ X)

Guess what's she singing. (Answer: Eenie Minie) XD

Story telling by the MC! So many emotion on her face. XD

And now...the most excited part from our MC...

Wow! Guess what's she doing?? Belly Dancing! Woots! XD

The End. Eat a lot, play a lot, sing a lot, and scream a lot!

(Click here to view all of the pictures in my facebook.)

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