Sunday, 23 May 2010

23/5/2010 Diary.

Another BORING dae'.
My Playfish games can't log in today... =(
And this morning surpose that I'm going to Youth Park with bro and sis,
but something happened,
so I went to KFC to eat breakfast with my bro.
It's really so quiet in there, no customers at all. (except for us)
Don't believe? The picture can prove it...

See? So quiet and we can even play around. XD
And someone had let me taken down his ugly face. LOL!

Narhh...What a cute and funny face. XD

Oh ya! I almost forgot...
The picture of the SPCA food fair has been uploaded to my Facebook.
Just go and have a look and you can ask about those rabbits,
but I can't ensure that I'll answer you all the questions cause I'm not the one who selling the rabbits.

Another thing is, my Album's layout has been updated too.
Ya, the whole morning I'm editing the whole layout by myself. xD
So, I'm still so lazy now! *woot!  =.=
And the banner of my album is the first time I use Meitu to edit it.
Not bad huh? Gimme some comment if you like it,
and do always visit my album if you can. =) TQ.

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