Saturday, 22 May 2010

22/5/2010 Diary.

Kinda bored now.
Surprise huh? I am updating my blog now!
Everyone were studying, most of them went out to study in groups together,
and I said that before: "This weekend I'm gonna study as many as I can."
Good. I've memorised 3 more moral's definisi.
That's my maximum. xD
And the whole day,
So Monday I'm gonna write out what's the latest news in pet society and hotel city huh. xD
Haha. I'm really boring now.
And the insects, flew into my room even my living room. =.=
I need to turn off my lights to let it flew out.
But then, I'm going to wear spectacles if I continue to watch my laptop in a dark room.
(Actually Imma lil bit shortsightedness already =X)
Oh great. I hate language subjects!
I'm bad in that. =( english was not as good as...(as who ==?)
Even my many "laa","lo","leh"... LOL.
I need someone to speak english with me eveyday!!
And don't ask about my malay,
anyone who had been same class with me will know how bad was my malay language. LMAO!
But if can, I need a maid to speak with me in malay too ;X

Okay. I'll try to look into my Chinese paper now.
And tomorrow my big big sista is going to bring us (me and my brother) to Youth Park!
My mom said that we are "excersice-less",
so tomorrow...gonna cut off my fats!! LMAO!!

Oh ya! I've been chosen to join the "My School Rocks" Competition!
Thanks for mama to allow me to join. ^^
And you guys don't expect in our dance cause the chances to win is low. =X

Why am I still continue writing my blog now... =.=
Bye now. And I'll try to continue update my blog IF I'm free. =)

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