Friday, 21 May 2010

21/5/2010 Diary.

It has been a week more that my blog was in a quiet mode.
1 week...happened a lot of things.

Went to SPCA food fair @ Seberang Perai on 16/5/2010.
Too many pictures to put and I'll soon update it on my facebook.
My uncle was selling super-duper cute Rabbits!
See! Isn't it cute and adorable~
Still got a lot of pictures I didn't post up cause the size of the picture is kinda big.
Want some rabbit for your ownself?
Leave a message to tell me that you wanna buy a rabbit from me at my Facebook or in my Chatbox,
or click on the "comment" link below this post.
BUT, please must be seriously, if you wanna buy only leave this message to me,
and I'll let you contact my uncle for rabbits. :D

Okay now, what to say?
I've forgotten what happened in this week. =.=
But the most thing is...
Today is the 1st day of my mid-year exam.
Horray! I'm so fulfil on my sejarah paper 2 today!
Why? Because I did fill in all the blanks in my structure part, although I'm in a "cincai" mode. XD
And the essay part, although I'm also in the "cincai" mode,
but is better than last time with BLANK mode.
And then Maths paper one..
Finish liao aiming on maths is an A.
But after today, I've no idea what results I'm going to get on my maths ;X

And then, here comes weekend!
(sweat =.=)

Oh ya! I've almost forgotten 1 things...
Today is my CHINESE Birthday! XD
Luckily my grandma reminds me,
if not I'm gonna miss it...and no more angpau from my grandma! XD
Anyway, I'm gonna be low key on my coming birthday. =X
See how many person will wish me automatically without counting down by me. ^^

Okay now. I will not be active in my blog again due to exams and my mom.
So wish my good luck on my exams yarhh. xD

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