Friday, 28 May 2010

I am officially 17 now ♥

May 28, 2010 0
Back to yesterday first...
Finally, exam has over 5 days!
But still left 5 days...
and the following papers will let you die in the classroom. =.=
Biology, Physics, Add Maths...
Just 3 of this also will make me DIE!
don't say add somemore other papers... *sign...

When I was examing,
I thought of if I had a time machine,
I will go back to standard 1 to learn back my languages basic. LOL
I remembered that someone had told me before that she wanted to create a time machine in the future...
I had forgotten who is she X(
but if I remembered it, I will ask her to give me try once after she had created it. XD

And if anyone of you followed my plurk,
I guess you know that I had received a new Iphone from my uncle and his family.
(I think previous post I had already mension that =.=)
OMG...I still can't believe that I'm using an IPHONE now!!!
You know what? Actually that Iphone is my aunty from Singapore bought it for my uncle,
but my uncle don't want to use it, so he gift me that Iphone as my birthday present.
Let the pictures prove that I GOT MY OWN IPHONE! XD

Taadaa!! It's black in colour,
but my sis said that she will buy me the pink cover of it as my birthday present. xD

Okay. Lets walk into the topic of this post.
Today is a big day! Right?
I guess you know what it is~
It's........Wesak Day!
What a big day~ Traffic jam every where~ LOL!
Actually, I just wanna thanks to everyone who wished me on these 3 days!
Although lots of them I didn't know about them in facebook,
but still wanna thanks...thanks you guys makes me reply your wishes for the whole day =.=
haha~ just kiding~
And guess what, there's about 200 of person in facebook had wished me in 1 day!
I think you should know how busy I am~
and last night until today,
my phone credits had been used so much reply the wishes ^^
and now, I am good to type sms with touch screen now XD (I'm kinda sombong ;P *teehee~)
Anyway, this year's birthday is different as the previous year too.
(actually every year's celebrations are different =.=)
cause, 1st time received 200 wishes from facebook,
and an extra big presents from my uncle with his family,
and stay at home the whole day to upload picture, updating blog and replying message. XD
What a great birthday I had this year! LMAO!

This morning I went to pray at the buddist association.
And after that, my mom surpose she wanna go to the EVE bakery shop to buy cake for me,
but they were off today =(
so she went to Eden to buy cake.

This cake is nice right?? I wan it~~~
but it's in a chocolate flavour =(
and my cake is...

Taadaa! I know it's childish X)
but this is just the one that is not chocolate flavour ;X

I'm officially 17 now. I wanna be tall!
I'm officially 17 now. I wanna get my own car licience!
I'm officially 17 now. I wanna better life!
I'm officially 17 now. I wanna...... (forgotten again =.=)
I'm officially 17 now. I wanna say...
THANK YOU to those who had wished me in these 3 days!!! ♥♥♥

Happy Birthday to Grandma! ♥

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Happy Birthday to my Grandmother!! ♥♥♥

Yesterday night went to celebrate my grandma's birthday.
Kinda fun!
But I'm really lazy to write the full journey..
so let see some of the pics to know about it.

Actually I put this pic on is to let u guys see before the dinner starts and what's on my head.
Saw it? So now lets see after that what's on my head...

Taadaa! LOL!!
That's a present from my cousin Natasha. How cute it is.
And the hairband ran to my sister's head. XD

This is the view of the room.

Guess what? My uncle and his family gift me an Iphone for my birthday present!!
Oh my god...until now I still can't believe that I'm using Iphone now!!! XD

And now, let me introduce our yesterday's MC a.k.a DJ!

Taadaa!! Her name is Natasha and she is 7 years old.
cute huh? the activest one yesterday. XD

Grandma sang in her birthday! Woots!
I think she should go and join the Astro经典名曲歌唱大赛. XD

Anyway, we sang too! LOL my sound is not as nice as my sister. X)

She grabbed my mic T.T

Look at this! nice shoot huh? of course laa I took the pic wan leh XD LMAO!

Greedy MC use 2 mic. Wanna rap? Come on! XD

Grandma's birthday cake! It's called 寿桃. How cute it is XD

Singing birthday song~ Look grandma was so happy~ =)

Wondering why am I not in there? And what's the thing they were looking at??

LOL! I'm singing the birthday song with the DJ! 3 languages: English, Chinese and Malay!

This is the one. Everyone of us... ♥ sweet...I also want~~~ X)

Guess what's she singing. (Answer: Eenie Minie) XD

Story telling by the MC! So many emotion on her face. XD

And now...the most excited part from our MC...

Wow! Guess what's she doing?? Belly Dancing! Woots! XD

The End. Eat a lot, play a lot, sing a lot, and scream a lot!

(Click here to view all of the pictures in my facebook.)

Sunday, 23 May 2010

23/5/2010 Diary.

May 23, 2010 0
Another BORING dae'.
My Playfish games can't log in today... =(
And this morning surpose that I'm going to Youth Park with bro and sis,
but something happened,
so I went to KFC to eat breakfast with my bro.
It's really so quiet in there, no customers at all. (except for us)
Don't believe? The picture can prove it...

See? So quiet and we can even play around. XD
And someone had let me taken down his ugly face. LOL!

Narhh...What a cute and funny face. XD

Oh ya! I almost forgot...
The picture of the SPCA food fair has been uploaded to my Facebook.
Just go and have a look and you can ask about those rabbits,
but I can't ensure that I'll answer you all the questions cause I'm not the one who selling the rabbits.

Another thing is, my Album's layout has been updated too.
Ya, the whole morning I'm editing the whole layout by myself. xD
So, I'm still so lazy now! *woot!  =.=
And the banner of my album is the first time I use Meitu to edit it.
Not bad huh? Gimme some comment if you like it,
and do always visit my album if you can. =) TQ.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

22/5/2010 Diary.

May 22, 2010 0
Kinda bored now.
Surprise huh? I am updating my blog now!
Everyone were studying, most of them went out to study in groups together,
and I said that before: "This weekend I'm gonna study as many as I can."
Good. I've memorised 3 more moral's definisi.
That's my maximum. xD
And the whole day,
So Monday I'm gonna write out what's the latest news in pet society and hotel city huh. xD
Haha. I'm really boring now.
And the insects, flew into my room even my living room. =.=
I need to turn off my lights to let it flew out.
But then, I'm going to wear spectacles if I continue to watch my laptop in a dark room.
(Actually Imma lil bit shortsightedness already =X)
Oh great. I hate language subjects!
I'm bad in that. =( english was not as good as...(as who ==?)
Even my many "laa","lo","leh"... LOL.
I need someone to speak english with me eveyday!!
And don't ask about my malay,
anyone who had been same class with me will know how bad was my malay language. LMAO!
But if can, I need a maid to speak with me in malay too ;X

Okay. I'll try to look into my Chinese paper now.
And tomorrow my big big sista is going to bring us (me and my brother) to Youth Park!
My mom said that we are "excersice-less",
so tomorrow...gonna cut off my fats!! LMAO!!

Oh ya! I've been chosen to join the "My School Rocks" Competition!
Thanks for mama to allow me to join. ^^
And you guys don't expect in our dance cause the chances to win is low. =X

Why am I still continue writing my blog now... =.=
Bye now. And I'll try to continue update my blog IF I'm free. =)

Friday, 21 May 2010

21/5/2010 Diary.

May 21, 2010 0
It has been a week more that my blog was in a quiet mode.
1 week...happened a lot of things.

Went to SPCA food fair @ Seberang Perai on 16/5/2010.
Too many pictures to put and I'll soon update it on my facebook.
My uncle was selling super-duper cute Rabbits!
See! Isn't it cute and adorable~
Still got a lot of pictures I didn't post up cause the size of the picture is kinda big.
Want some rabbit for your ownself?
Leave a message to tell me that you wanna buy a rabbit from me at my Facebook or in my Chatbox,
or click on the "comment" link below this post.
BUT, please must be seriously, if you wanna buy only leave this message to me,
and I'll let you contact my uncle for rabbits. :D

Okay now, what to say?
I've forgotten what happened in this week. =.=
But the most thing is...
Today is the 1st day of my mid-year exam.
Horray! I'm so fulfil on my sejarah paper 2 today!
Why? Because I did fill in all the blanks in my structure part, although I'm in a "cincai" mode. XD
And the essay part, although I'm also in the "cincai" mode,
but is better than last time with BLANK mode.
And then Maths paper one..
Finish liao aiming on maths is an A.
But after today, I've no idea what results I'm going to get on my maths ;X

And then, here comes weekend!
(sweat =.=)

Oh ya! I've almost forgotten 1 things...
Today is my CHINESE Birthday! XD
Luckily my grandma reminds me,
if not I'm gonna miss it...and no more angpau from my grandma! XD
Anyway, I'm gonna be low key on my coming birthday. =X
See how many person will wish me automatically without counting down by me. ^^

Okay now. I will not be active in my blog again due to exams and my mom.
So wish my good luck on my exams yarhh. xD

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Pet Society.

May 13, 2010 0
Dear Guys and Girls.
I might won't update my blog and twitter for a few days.
I'm addicted in Pet Society back now!
Anyway, send me some gifts or stickers if you're playing too please! LOL.
I'm so lazy to do other things cause everytime when I open my pet society must wait very long, and it will very lag too. X(
Even facebook ownself, I on facebook just for pet society. XD
Pet Society changed fun now!
New things a lot and idk why I love my pet a lot. =.=
Okay now. I'm going to have fun with my pinky now! Chaoz~^^

Friday, 7 May 2010


May 07, 2010 0
My online mood is going down now~
That's a great news!
But if I don't have any homeworks or tuitions,
or my mum or sister did call me to help them do something online,
I will still on Facebook! LOL.
Blogger? Narhh...Lazy to update laa =.=
Anyway, I've a lotz of things to speak out again today. ("History")

My latest post is on the last day of April,
so my "history" is from the 1st of May.
It's Labour day. Everyone working was on holiday.
Went to Prangin with viv and shu chuan.
I just have 1 pictures on that day.
But viv the paparazi had taken a lot of my ugly pictures. =.=
Anyway, my only pictures is --

2 childish gina were shooting each other! XD

2nd of May,
went to Dewan Sri Pinang for the Penang Inter-school Drama Competition.
Of course I'm the audience. XD
This year's drama of each school were better than last year.
Quite nice. And I love the Champion School's drama!
On that day, guess what? I'm away from home for 12 hours plus plus!
7.15am, XinYing came to fetch me and then JingYan.
And we went to eat after the competition finished,
until 8.30pm plus plus only went back home. FML!
Of course, I'm totally break down!
Now, lets enjoy some pictures on that day...but not drama pictures.=.=

ME, XinYing,JingYan (paiseh, I've grabed XinYing's scene XD)

The Pinky Owner! LMAO!

DeeNise and me.

This picture is taken before went back. Nice huh? (of course laa~ I capture one leh XD)
Actually, my phone took a few pictures only.
Some of the pictures were in others' phone.

Next on, school time of course!
Now I've started a bad habit -- sleep in class before the bell rings!
Another bad habit -- (pictures)

[Nicole Yie ♥ Geon Ng]

[Nicole Yie ♥ Xiao Hui]

Both of this words were written by xiao hui XD
We did draw each other's hands when we were boring.

Anyway, the school time "lililolo" things I've forgotten.
Skip school topic.
Oh ya! One of my happy memory happened!
That is, I dreamnt Min in my night dream!!
It's the just 1st time only~
But the dream is too I can't describe it properly now. LOL!

(skip off those bad memory in school...)

Today, YinXuan had bought a cake to school.
The reason is, tomorrow is JiKhei's birthday.
So we 8 friends celebrate with her in class today.
And today I only realized that,
when I'm hungry, cake is not the food that can full my stomach.
Recess time, they ate the cake, and me either.
After recess, I'm still hungry.
Luckily still can tahan until back home.
(skip those nonsence ==)
Anyway, a very big wish to JiKhei,
Happy Birthday to you! :D

Oh ya!
I think I've said that I'm going to cut my hair right?

Actually it's just front hair and abit of spoiled hair behind.
Perhaps I'm going to shorthen my hair after SPM...
It's just a maybe. LOL.

Mother's day is coming!
Flowers? Eyerings? Cosmetics? or any Dresses???
I'm still wondering what if I just write a card for my mum?
Narhh... I don't want laa...
Tomorrow is going to Gurney to choose with my sister.
Hope not so expensive laa. X)

It's already 7th of May...
I hope I can wake up to study now...


May 07, 2010 0
今年 我试着去学会坚强、开朗……
但是 你的针对 何止让我讨厌……
我反而觉得不讨厌 而是恨!!!
只是一次的不专心 又不是我一个人不专心!
昨天骂了我 今天还注意看我有没有立正请安!
平时班上学生在你进来的时候都没有立正请安 你都不管!
我刚才只是迟一点起立啊 是你自己老花!
还特地在大家请完安后 还特别向我一个人请安
(意思就是她看到我没有立正而叫我向她立正请安 @!#$%.#$@,%;!)
把你那声请安当作你是学生我是老师那样点头就算 气死你!!
本来一开始是觉得你没什么 只是那副臭脸讨人厌
原来 你的心跟你的臭脸是一样臭的!
偏心就算了 搞不清楚状况骂人!