Friday, 16 April 2010


So damn tired nowadays, everyday were practising my dance,
so sleepy in class and even in tuition classes...
Today still our school sports day,
dutying the whole morning, helping teachers to keep medals of yellow house.
Although it's not difficult for me to do so,
but I'm so steam and get scold a few time for dreaming. =.=
(Teacher~ I'm so sorry for steaming but I'm really so tired T.T)
Tomorrow still going to school for club tarian, dance again. X(
I'm afraid that I'll scared of dancing after this Sunday. =\

============================I'm NicoleYie's Parting Line============================

I've got it!
I've got Min's signature photography!
I love it so much!
Thanks for Ping's busyness of these signature photograph, and xiaochuan for the posting. =D

============================I'm NicoleYie's Parting Line============================

In the previous post,
I've mention that my blackie phone (K660i) that I used had just "jump" into the pail in my bathroom,
and now, I'm using my old pinky phone (Z610i).
but, it's really old. The charger and USB can't even plug-in properly,
and the battery is sucks! can't even stay longer...
So, my mum said maybe will buy me a new one on my 17 birthday. =D
(Horray for mum! XD)
That day, I passed by the handphone shop nearby my house,
I aimed SE T715! The rouge pink colour is so girlish~
So I went to check about the function and colours and so on.
By the way, I saw T707 too!
Oh gosh! The new generation of Z610i???
The spring rose colour is so shiny! Just like Z610i's pink!
I'm attracted in these 2 phones!
Unfortunately, these 2 phones does not support the WMA format in the music player. =(
Anyway, lets see their pictures and maybe you will know why I'm so in love with it.

The intro picture of SE T715.The intro picture of SE T707.

The 2nd view of SE 715.The 2nd view of SE T707.

The full view of SE T715.The full view of SE T707.

The colours of SE T715.
The colours of SE T707.

Ofcourse, my choise is the rouge pink for T715 and Spring Rose for T707. xD

Actually, I wanna choose SE T715 one because I didn't use a slider phone before,
but the disadvantage is it doesn't contain a memory card.
It might be quite cheap on this. =\
The T707 is quite same as the phone now I'm using,
so I don't want to use the same thing everytime,
Which phone should I choose??
It's so confusing and I really need to choose a good phone like the previous one.
Give me some advises and comments please. Thank you. =]

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