Friday, 30 April 2010

Imma lazy bumb!

Great. I'm lazy enough now.
Everything I must delay until dono when only can complete.
Blogging? Later la~ But until last, lazy write d. =.=
Plurking? I love typing on my mood, but what for? nobody respond now ==
Capturing? damn those pimples makes me less confident now. T.T
And now, thanks to Tan Ying Xun for borrowing me your Autumn's Concerto.
But I've not much time to watch it.
Why? Because Imma lazy bumb! XD
Why I'm so lazy mum?
Mid-year exam left 2 weeks plus plus...
but I'm still here. Blogging, plurking, tweeting, gaming and TV-ing!
Oh ya! Prangin Mall tomorrow with Vivian! (clap for me~~)
And Sunday, Drama competition at Dewan Sri Pinang!
The following Sunday, Undang test!
Haiz...wish me luck on everything. =]

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