Friday, 9 April 2010

Full Schedulle

So tired nowadays.
Everyday sure will feel sleepy in class.
Fortunately this few days have free period,
if not i'm gonna burst in class.

My calander book... Activities almost full.
Luckily not whole page full XD
Next Friday is sports day,
hope that I don't have to duty on picking rubbish. ==
(like last year's job can d XD)
Gambateh for green house! ush ush ush! XD

And then, Leo idol on the 18th.
Anyone going? Ofcourse everyone were going. ==
Don't ask me that am I going to take the competition or not,
you WILL see me on that day. ^^

Presentation! I hate you. ==
I don't care lisan oral or whatever suck things that going to present in front of teacher,
I hate memorising T.T
Tuesday Lisan on Julia. Die better ==
Thursday (or maybe postpone), Moral presentation. YX! Our powerpoint! LOLx.
My memory was weak enough... grandmother standard. ==

Well, I was counting down to my birthday now!
49 days left (or 1 month 19 days)
Woots! I want to learn driving!
2th May is going to Undang Test! yay!
Hope to get a pass. If better is full marks, but imposible XD
And after I passed, 29th is going to book for my driving lesson. teehee~
Anyway, school mid-year exam is nearly too,
but, hohoho~ I don't care! ahaha XD
My dream is to learn car now! XD (I'm really dreaming now)

Great. I'm using english today.
So I'll continue my broken english when I'm "syok" in english. LOL!

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