Friday, 23 April 2010

Canteen Day 2010

Finally, canteen day 2010 of UHS has ended.
It's fun for form 5 students!
but for others, so pity them just can play for 1 hour.
But we've worked for 4 hours,
and I've shouted for 4 hours.
Great. Now my sound became so sexy. woots! =.=
Cheryl said my sound was so sexy when normal time,
but now, became more sexy. LOL!
So damn fun, but damn tired.
A lot of things can't totally sold out. Sobx.
Rugi a lot lo...T.T
Anyway, thanks for those who support our stall today!
For those who didn't support us, you sucks! XD
Joking only laa~ haha.
Pictures of canteen day, go to my facebook to view laa~
Sure got people tag me de pun XD
Tomorrow, school replacement! Damn it. =.=
Sure a lot of student absent geh...
Today already so tired still got school replacement. =.=
I don't want to go laa~~mummy~~~ T.T
"Legache", "throatache", headache... (idk got dat ache or not geh XD)
Haiz...hope dat mama will let me skip school for tomorrow. =X

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