Friday, 19 February 2010

Way to vent your nasty emotions.

Feel so moody??
Click me to go to the youtube to watch this guy's videos!

(After watching...)

Mood 1:
Feel that guy makes you laugh and happy??
That's it! Next time you may watch his videos when you're moody. =D

Mood 2:
Feel that guy makes you wanna punch him and break him into 100 pieces??
It's also a good way to vent your nasty emotions.
Just take your pillow, and act it is him and punch it and say "don't so HIAO la!" XD

This guy has a lot of Fans now.
Perhaps you will also become one of his fans after you watch his videos.
Guess what? After I watch his videos,
My mood is Mood 1 + Mood 2. LMAO!
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