Saturday, 20 February 2010

I hate Form 5 Life

2 days more to school reopen.
My folio, my homework, my books...
all were still in a mess. (slap me)
"I wanted to start my homeworks now"
The sentence above I've said it 2 days ago,
but im indifferent in that. (slap me again)
so boring of school reopen...
homeworks makes me crazy
and my mum will started to "liam" me non-stop. (==)
haiz...gonna accept the truth that happen on me...
I hate Form 5 Life! (wake me up)

Finally, I get a copy of each picture of the BBQ party at TKF's house.
but those were just from her camera...(swt)
(Kar Wei~Poh Ting~ I'm waiting for you~~ T.T)

before BBQ starts. Guess where am I? LMAO!

This is a prove that Poh Ting took her camera stands together with her,
so that we could took pictures togther WITH her. teehee~

sweaty oily us~by No.11 bus, walk up to Kek Lok Si ^.^Y

It's very hard to take to full body of Guan Yin Ma
but guess what? Kar Wei did it! Guess her technique by yourself  XD.

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