Friday, 19 February 2010

4th, 5th and 6th day of CNY.

Suddenly fell into the English world.
Now I only realize that 90% of my friends were speaking english in the Internet world,
so i'm gonna start to speak English to my Beloved Pinky Paradise before my English become cacat.

On the 4th day of CNY,
went to TKF's house for BBQ in the evening.
Perhaps, that day is the craziest and funniest day in every BBQ day at her house.
After that, we walk up to Kek Lok Si Temple together.
So tired that we use the "No.11 bus" to walk up. LOL.
We took a lot of pictures,
but our camera girls, Poh Ting and Kar Wei...
hello? where's our photos? I want to see my ugly face! LMAO!
Poh Ting very geng, still take the tiang to put camera
so that we can took pictures of everyone with her XD
and later on, 12am++, we only went down and 1am only reached home.

5th day,
I wanna go to Gurney!!! but no one wants to fetch me...
I'm so angry with SOMEONE who went Gurney without jio me...
so...whole day at home.
surpose that I wanna start to do my homework,
but suddenly, someone finds me to help to do something, homework...haizz... XD

Today, just went back from OldTown to eat breakfast.
don't know why morning wake up until so kangkor...
and surpose we wanted to go to the OldTown near our house,
but those lazy bumps didn't open the door so early in the morning,
so we went to the E-Gate's OldTown to have our breakfast.
quite a lot of people came after we've reached.
luckily we reached there earlier~
and I found out something this morning,
that is...I'm not suitable to drink coffee...any coffee...LMAO!
everyone felt that OldTown White Coffee is nice...
but i felt like want to vomit on it...=.=
but it's good for me to hate Coffee. teehee...
now, I felt so full after eating those sausages and french fries.

it's already the 6th day of CNY holiday...
and I'm still lazying of my homeworks...
my maths...oh no~~~
anything that will makes me hardworking on my studies and hate my pinky???
I'm gonna change my life after this Holiday. No more Fun before SPM!! #

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