Tuesday, 28 December 2010


December 28, 2010 3
I'm so weak!
I'm so tiring!
I'm so moody!
I'm so sick of it!

Haih, after came back from Genting, my sound change 'sexy'. =.=
But had a lot of fun! =)
After that, straightly start working.
So regret that I promise the manager that I can work on 23rd!
So regret that I sleep at 5 in the morning in Genting. =.=
So so so damn tiring! D'X
And still don't have off day yet. T.T
Until today, I'm finally burst!
I'm sick now! Great! XD
Finally I get to rest at home.
Slept for 6 hours just now. LOL.
Hope to get off day soon, cause I still got a lot of things need to do!
I want buy new shirts for CNY!
I want to watch movies!
I want to go Redbox!
I want to tidy my messy things!

I missed the countdown of christmas! X(
But it's okay for me that I'm not a christian.
But I'm not gonna miss the new year one!!
Hope their plan will success. =(

Saturday, 18 December 2010

The days after SPM

December 18, 2010 0
Recently, I'm lazy to write my blog.
Why? Maybe it has been a long time that I rarely write something in here.
Oh well. Perhaps I'm gonna change a new layout to change my mood. (am I joking or seriousing? ==)
Guess what? I'm thinking of changing back to the original layout of blogger.
It's really a big different for me I guess. x)

Recently, I'm watching a new drama show, Four Gifts (女王不下班).
It's because of Cynthia(王心如),
and I saw Astro is going to broadcast this drama too,
and of course is because it's a Taiwan drama,
so I think it will be very nice.
But after I watched this drama,
I only realized that there's some Malaysian artists too!
Nicholas Teo, Andrew Tan and Suki Low!
It was my first time to watch Andrew and Suki in Taiwan drama. LOL
Anyway, I'd finished watching the 13 episode in 3 days. Heh.
It was very nice. And I'm waiting for the new episode now.
Can't wait to see the most climax! XD

Oh ya! Yesterday I went for job interview.
Don't ask me what job I went to interview.
But if you really want to know, just DM me to ask. :)
1stly, the manager, Jane said that they don't hire students that are waiting for SPM results.
But they really need helpers. So and of course, I got the job! x)
It's my 1st time, of course will be very nervous.
So afraid that I can't do it well. x(
But I really have to try. I dont want to be an ostrich! *Sigh

Maybe after this post, I'll rarely update my blog again.
Because after today, my time is fully booked.
Tomorrow - edu fair @ eastin hotel with friends. (missed the horse show with family T.T)
Monday till Wednesday - Genting for 3 days 2 night! OMG I cant wait to go!! XD
Thursday onwards - I'm starting my work! Until March only decide to continue or not... :(

Toodles. :)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Hellooo FREEDOM!!

December 14, 2010 0
It's over now!
I did it!
I made it!
I ended it!
I dumped it!
I finally get rid of it now!!!!
Freedom I love you!! XD
Pee asS, don't ever ask me whether am I doing great or good in my exams or not,
I'll just tell you that 'ok nia lo', 'dont know how to do lo', 'shyt liaw lo my result'......
I tell you here. I just tried my best... although some I didn't VERY tried my best. =="
But now, no more worries!!
It's over!! It's over!! It's over!!
Sad of didnt do my best? Narh. It's really really over nao. Teehee! x)

By the way, I've just get a hair cut this afternoon.
Wanna see it? Just click into my Facebook and you'll see it. And comment please!
Heh. :) Lazy to upload up here dy. :P

Thursday, 25 November 2010

20 more days to go.

November 25, 2010 1
Yes. 20 more days to go and I'm FREEDOM!
Oh yeah~
But I still have to face the following 7 subjects. T.T
Oh well. It's fast. Aren't they?
And I've got to say that, I'm really hopeless to my History!
100% for getting a G. =(
It's ugly enough on my SPM result. ='(
(Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! DX)
Well, what to do?
Just pray that my paper 2 will let a good teacher to mark.

Thursday, 18 November 2010


November 18, 2010 0
5 more days to go... And I gave up a lot!
It's too pressure for me and i don't know what am I doing.
I almost everyday keep scolding people.
I always do something wrong, but I don't feel I'm wrong.
I don't know what's going on with me.
I think a lot of negative things that you would not know how horrible I am.

I actually don't feel so pressure,
but my attitude makes me become an antagonist in my life!
Why can't I think positive things?!
I don't know... I really don't know...
And I don't know what am I talking about now...

I love to cry nowadays, without any reason.
Ya, maybe got reason, but it's my own problem.
I always thought that everyone was trying to do something bad on me.
I always hate people without any reason...
Forgive me please...

I don't know what to do now!
5 more days to go... Should I continue to suffer?
(slapself) What am I talking about?! I should suffer it!
27 more days till the end!
I can't let my mom feel dissapoint on me, even my families!
I must be strong!
Nicole Yie! Be Strong till the end! Fighting!


November 18, 2010 0



有的给我眼泪 有的给我笑容

偶尔失去什么 偶尔学到什么



Friday, 5 November 2010

What we often did in class

November 05, 2010 0
After we'd graduated,
we still need to attend to school due to the attendance is still running.
But some of us feel that study at home is better, at school so boring blah blah blah...
For me, of course I'll not attend to school, but my mom larh~ =__=

As my title said, what we often did in class nowadays?
Study? Nah~ We're still honeymoon-ing! XD
Just view the pictures below and you'll know. x)

Saturday, 30 October 2010


October 30, 2010 1

但这这一小部份却带给我那么多的欢乐,那么多的欢笑…… =)



但我才发现,我是需要说出来我的感受 才会哭的。
我不太敢在我妈面前哭,所以,我又把我的泪给收回去…… =(


因为有些朋友之间的不满 就开始有了误会 争执 最后 分离
不过,那年应该算是 还好……

大争执,大误会,大吵闹…… 而且成绩退步最多的也是那年!

但是 幸好这年有和一些中一的“ex-好朋友”合作~

上了中四,人人都说这年不是我们的Honeymoon year,
但是我现在才觉得那年不是我们的Honeymoon year…(因为我知道我来不及了==)
这年 终于又有得跟我中二认识的最好朋友同班了。
这年 没什么争执,而且很庆幸能来到一个那么合作的一班!
我最爱的一班,我最难忘的一班,就是这一班 ——4S3

我们就酱每天开开心心地在笑 在玩 在胡闹




1F,2E,3F,4S3 and 5S3,




Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Friday, 15 October 2010

Happy Birthday to you, sista.

October 15, 2010 0

It's your 19th birthday, sista!
Happy Birthday to you!

Although we always quarrel, even sometimes we'll get into a fight,
no matter how I hate you on that time,
you're still in a part of my heart, forever.

You always play with me, joke with me, even crazy with me;
You always tell me your secrets instead of telling mom;
You always share something nice of yours, but I know what I share to you is more. XD

No matter where we are,
no matter how we are, and
no matter who we are,
you're still my sista, the best sista, forever!

I love you sis! *Mwah~ x)

Sunday, 10 October 2010


October 10, 2010 0
Happy 10.10.10!

Whatta ya doin' when it's on the 10:10 10.10.10?

Guess what I'm doin'?
I'm actually on the way to library on that time,
but now, I'm staying in my house tidying XD
Because after I went to pray in the temple in the morning,
my eyes were damn pain.
So, that's all. LOL.

have a great day on your 101010!
Enjoy your day! :)

Friday, 8 October 2010

Hardworking please!

October 08, 2010 0
Got a lot of my sucks results in this week.
But luckily my add maths passed! It's the 1st time~ xD
And my sejarah... GDI...
Why can't I just break my record to get more than 20 marks. =.=
And left 3 science subjects to know...
100% confirm fail. Haiz...

Today in class, no is science lab, sit with Cheryl.
Oh my, we talked much more than I talk with Xiao Hui I guess!
As Saw Teng (who sit in front of us) said that,
we talked from the 1st period till the last period. LMAO!
And we did give each of us a type of a bird.
It's lame for ya'll I know. =_=

Another thing is,
I'm finally manage to put on my courage to send a message to my idol, Min.
Since I gave her the letter last year,
I don't dare to ask her about that, because I'm coward =.=
And it's so great that Min still remember my letter! And my face too!!
Oh my~ so happy to see her reply in Facebook! (flying in the sky now~ xD)

You actually can ignore my nonsence and just read the sentence below:
My blog had added a new poll by Nuffnang on the right sidebar.
Kindly take a vote on it when you're here right now.
Thanks a lot! :)

Oh ya! Almost forgot about my WeiBo.
Yes! I'd create a WeiBo account due to George also got one!
It's just like the Twitter in Chinese version.

So,  关注我吧! x)

Happy Weekend. :)

Saturday, 2 October 2010

KaiShi's b'day party after Trial Exam.

October 02, 2010 0
The trial ended on yesterday,
but for me, and I guess a lot of students too,
we had already ended the trials on Thursday! xD
And after the civic test on yesterday,
every period were chit chating.
I love this kind of school life! XD

After school, Geon and me went to Prangin Mall by Rapid bus.
OMG, my first time on rapid! LMAO!
Luckily Geon knows how to go Prangin by Rapid.
We went to eat first after we reached Prangin Mall, so hungry that time.
Then, went to search for KaiShi's present, cause we're going to her party after that!
*Pee/asS: Me, Geon, YinXuan, Wakiyo and XiaoHui shared the present.
Bag? T-shirts? Cups? So wondering~
So many choices until Geon and me want to buy all for her by each of us. XD
But at last, we bought 2 nice shirts for her from the shop I.S.O.S.
So nice until I myself also feel wanna buy 1 for myself.. DX
Then, we went for our own shopping before my mum come and fetch me.
But most of the shopping time is for me to choose a pair of nice slippers. XD
Then, mum come and fetch me and Geon back to my home.
And she's so "ngam keng" with my grandma and mum and even my brother. LOL!

At about 6.30pm, my mum fetch us to KaiShi's party at her grandma's house.
We're kinda early, but not as early as Huai Theng, Sze Yong and Ah Fat! XD
(Huai Theng 3.30pm already reached there while KaiShi still havent reach yet.)
Then, we take some pictures for the 'early-ers'. LOL
And slowly, everyone reached. And the party started!
Barbeque with friends were fun!
But now I'm lazy to mention what happens in her party.
After they upload those pictures of her party,
you will know how fun everyone were! x)

Oh ya! Forget to show a surprise!

Taaadaaaa!! I'm without braces now!! woohoo~ XD

And these are with retainer~
Damn hate it cause it's painer than braces! OMFG!

Happy Weekend! =)

Friday, 24 September 2010

Bye-bye history.

September 24, 2010 1
I'm really gonna die with my history...
Why it that so hard for me to read and even memorise?!
Sobx... I thought after the previous exam and I'll be more understand on it...
But, it's still the same... (although I didnt really put on my full effort to read it =X)

Left 1 more week to the end of the Trial.
If I don't need to study History and Malay,
I guess my result won't be so bad and I'll put on more effort on the other subjects. LOL.

Next week, add maths chemistry biology physics and even that stupid civic!
So gonna faint with those subjects! Puhh~
I'm really so lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy... and lazy.
So envy that my cousin's UPSR was over!!
She's freedom now!
But SPMers were still suffering the trial,
and 1 more month to go to the '1 month exam'. So fast so bad. =_=

Okay now. The end of my complaints. xD

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Happy Malaysia Day. =)

September 16, 2010 0
It's Malaysia Day today.
1 Malaysia? Actually, I don't think so...
Want us to be unite, the 'big people' in politic please be unite 1st,
let us see you all can do it so we can do it too!
Opps! Can't say too much at here,
If not I don't know what will happen next. =X

Anyway, trial on tomorrow.
Gosh...I'm still in the 'Raya' mode. =.=
And still can update blog pulak. =___=
That's great, a day to holiday before our trial...
It makes me feel more lazy. (Oh yes! I'm an extraordinary lazy student. XD)

I realized that I'd been so long time didn't post any pictures onto my post..
Not vain anymore? Nonono, I'm still so vain,
and is MORE vain now after I'd set Xiao Hui as my Master of Vain. LMAO!
Just because I'm lazy and it takes too much time to let me vain.
I'll post up some of my pictures after I feel to be vain again. *teehee~ X)

Oh well.
Have a splendid holiday to Malaysians,
and have a great time to suffer to the fifth-formers! XD

I'd added musics to my blog.
Enjoy, babe. =)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Random update.

September 15, 2010 0
Skipped school again today! *teehee~ X)
But I still can't sleep until late in the morning,
 cause my grandmother want me to follow them to the market...
Oh wait, is not follow, is drive them to the market!
Oh well~ I guess I really need to put on my courage and DRIVE!

A week got 5 days to go to school,
but this week got 2 days for us to holiday, that's Monday and Thurday.
But I'd absent to school for yesterday and today!
So the conclusion is,  I'll just present to school on Friday!
You know why? Cause the trial is on Friday! WTH?!
Oh now.... I'm not ready yet people!!
(I'm actually not ready for every time =__=")
Oh well, just like people said: "豁出去啦!" LOL!

Going to tuition in 1 more hour and a half.
Gotta get ready before get scold by my mommy! Bye! =]

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


September 14, 2010 0
Hey people!
Feel something different about my blog?
That right! I'd changed my layouts~
I did it myself. XD
But some stuffs are in the middle of process...
Anyway, give some comment about ma new layout pleaseeee~ X)

By the way, I did absent to school today! =X
The reason is,
1. Exam is coming soon! And I feel to study at home..
(But I'm using the computer the whole morning until now  =.=)
2. I can't get a good sleep last night... My whole body pain with no reason! WTF!
3. Of course, I'm lazy. teehee~ :P

Alright, now my online mood was back too. =___=
Control me!!!
If anyone get to see me online,

If you did, I won't scold you, but will thank you. (sweat~ =__=")

Bye! I really gotta go now. Have a nice day! =)

Monday, 13 September 2010

My adapter was here!

September 13, 2010 0
Good news that my adapter was finally reached my home today!
And I finally, finally and FINALLY can use back my own laptop to online now!
Yeapyy~!! xD

But the damn most thingy is, Trial is coming soon!
Oh well, perhaps will update and change something in my blog after today.
Bye! =)

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

My 1st post in September,2010.

September 07, 2010 0
Hello! I'm here for this month's 1st post. xD
And I'm using my sis's laptop now.
Gawd damn the person who responsible on the adapter in Dell Centre. =.=
Perhaps I'd forget how to function on my Pinky after I get to on back my Pinky. LOL.

Actually, I don't need to specially lend my sis's laptop to online,
cause... I can use my iPhone! (I'm not showing off, just wanna say the reason. :P)
This time I use my sis's laptop is to upload the KRS one-day-camp pictures (that's held about 1 month ago) to my Facebook.
It has been a long time ago that I cant use my laptop,
so I don't want to let my buddies wait until so long only see their ugly faces in my Facebook. Teehee! x)

Since I get to update my blog here, now just let me speak some nonsence in here. :D

Guess how long was my recent layout staying with me?
It's 10 months!!!!!
Don't believe? You can go to my post on November 2009 to take a look at my post about I'd update a new layout, then just view my post 1 by 1 after that post to see that did I update any new layout or what.
So, I hope to get a new layout.
I actually already chose a blogskins layout for my blog before the problem of my laptop happen,
but sometimes I wonder if I use back the tempelates from blogger?
It's pwetty, just like my sis's one...
Hmm... perhaps it's still not the time for me to think of it. :\

Nowadays, I'm in love with the songs in hitz.fm!
The new songs were awesome!
And I love billionaire the most now~
"I wanna be a billionaire, so freakin' bad~"
And pyramid, they said this song was quite long time ago,
but it's still in the chart list!
It's really great~ Haha.
(crazying. ignore me.)

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Hey there!

August 14, 2010 0
Hey there my followers and friends and pass by-ers!
I'd been missing for a month ago from my blog!
The reason is, my laptop adapter had spoiled!
So, I can't charge my 'batteryless' laptop now. X(
But why you'll still see me in my facebook and twitter everyday??
Because I'm using my iPhone to Facebooking and Twittering everyday!
And the bad thing is I can't blogging in my iPhone. :(
So, I'll continue update my status in my twitter!
Follow me to check out what I'm doing recently! :D

By the way, I'll only get my adapter back in few more weeks..
So I'll not going to update my blog until I get my adapter back!
And you'll going to see me update a lot of things in my blog after that,
cause there's too much things happen in this month!
Pictures will be upload after that too!
I'm so sorry to my friends that wanted to see the pictures..

However, trial exam is around the conner!
So, without my laptop, I'll only study!
It's a good thing to me too..

That's all what I want to say in this post.

(Pee/asS: adapter=charger. =___=)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The day I'd a lots fun ♥

July 06, 2010 0

I don't know what to write on this post for opening. ==
Anyway, for the HSM My School Rocks competition,
I know that we had done a great job although we didn't win anything.
Fish, Nidel, Melissa, Sarmila, Jasmine, Joey and Evonne..
Give yourself a big clap! We did it on the stage!
And thanks to our coach, Mr. Bryan and Mr. Black for giving us your time on teaching us the dance!
And finally, Congratulations to PCGHS won the champion!
Their dance was awesome!!! :D
We had a lot of fun there, it's too many picture's to upload.
So, Click me to view the pictures! :)

And now, let's talk about the 'celebrations' at Boon Yan's house on Sunday.
What celebration? That is decided by Ah Fok for our champion sketch celebrations.
She suddenly decide that on Saturday, go to Boon's house to swimming.
So I went there after my competition.
After I bath at her house, ahfok, weline and TKF finally had reached there,
But I told them that my mum not allowed me to swim. X(
So they also don't want to swim. ==
We sat in her room to chit chat for quite a long time.
And I took her things to play. xD

Aww~ how cute is her shoes xD

I damn love her Hamtaro so much, although I myself have a bigger one. xD

"tap tap tap tap tap..." someone came to her house to SMS. =.=

And then, we finally decided to go down to the Kapitan shop to eat Roti Canai.
But so unfortunately, they're out of roti canai. =______="
So we ate Naan.

And that time, Yi Ling came. So pity her cause didn't hear her sound for the whole day. X)

And then, went to the playground downstairs.
A short time, but have a lot of fun!!

See-saw! So miss the time when im still a child, sitting on the see-saw to play.

 Look at them! They were so enjoy the swing~
But their "funny faces" had been captured by me. xD

Oh yeah! This pic were so nice~ xD

Look at Boon's "Hang Ten"! LMAO!

Kung Fu kick for the camera man infront! haha.

And suddenly, Boon disappeared! Where did she go?! xD
Actually there's still a lot of pictures taken by me~
And that's imposibble to call me to upload all into my blog. =.=

After playing in the playground,
I decide to play Wii in her living room.
But Boon said that she need to find her swimming suit to swim with Fok.
Until the end, no more swimming, Wii time! xD

What a nice view from her house living room...I wish to have a living room like her's. :(

And the Wii's pictures, click: ' 1 2 3 4 ' to view more pictures by Boon in her tumblr.
And now, let me show u about Boon's creativity while editing Ah Fok's Wii avatar. xD

Tadaa! That's the face that boon edit it 1stly while Ah Fok was on the phone with her mum...
But then the funniest one is...

TAAAADDAAAA!!! HAHAHAHAAA!!! We laugh a long time on this! xDxD
Boon did it worst! But of course Ah Fok didn't use this as her avatar. xD (I'm still laughing now! LOL!!!)

And guess who is this? That's also the creativity by Boon Yan,
but it's quite a long time ago since TKF said that she don't want to edit herself.
(Opps! I said it out! So sorry! xD)

And we played until very late.
And finally Kar Wei came about 8pm something...

What a nice pose by Kar Wei! Haha caught by me. xD

And then, when Boon and TKF were still continue playing boxing,
some of us took Kar Wei's camera to take pictures at the corridor.
(Kar Wei! I'm waiting for your pictures! =X)

And then, we finally went out from Boon's house about 9pm nearly 10pm.
But then Weline was so hungry.
So we went to a lot of place to find some stall food to eat.
Finally found a place that has place to let Kar Wei to park her car.
Then we went home about 11pm.

Guess what? I first time didn't go home for about 17 hours!! xD
Because my mum told me that on that Saturday was my last time to hang out with friends. T.T
*Sign... I hate the SPM life. X(
But I was having a lot fun on that day!
Enjoying the dance with my team on stage...
Enjoying the fun with my sketch gang in Boon's house...
That's what my title meant...
I'll miss the time when I'm still in the secondary school!
(but not the time when I suffer with my books. ==)
Friends, will we have another gathering after we graduate??
I hope the time won't pass...
Please stay at the time when we're having our fun before graduate...#

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Sketch Pictures here! ♥

July 03, 2010 0
From the previous post that I'd mentioned about the sketch competition,
now I'm going to show the pictures on our sketch and characters. :D

1stly, let me introduce myself 1st.
Know what character I am now?
Yes! I'm the Pantene promoter. XD
(To yinxuan, Use Pantene! Don't use Sunsilk! xD)
(Pee/asS: this giant pantene is created by Kar Wei. Give her a big clap!)

Friday, 2 July 2010

The slogan is BACK!

July 02, 2010 2
Do you know what's the title meant?
What's the slogan that I'm talking about??
Okay, let me talk about it in this post,
And anything happened in the previous days that I didn't update to my blog, STAY TUNE! :D

The slogan is : "We're the champion!"
It's grabbed from the movie "Chicken Little" I guess,
and we used it on our english sketch competition 2 years ago.
That time, we really get a champion for the competition!
But until today, this slogan had dissapeared from the member's mouth, including me!
But today! I'd remember it after we get another champion for our english sketch competition!!!
Oh my~ We didn't expect that we can get any prices for this year's competition!
And everyone of us were just like "We join this competition this year is just for FUN!"
But but but...oh my damn god~ I still can't believe it...
Everyone of us did mistakes when we perform on the stage,
and the practices were on the last minute. ==
Oh well. Skip off my nonsence!

About the contents of our team's advertisment sketch?
(Oh ya, it's an advertisment sketch, not about storiessss~)
I'll update our pictures and also the details of our "advertisment" after Kar Wei had gave me all the pictures that we took today. :)

And allow me to say something here.
Boon, thanks for you and TKF's idea!!! You 2 were the two who has the creativity to think of those funny things! It makes me laugh all the time whenever I think of that! hahaa~
Kate, although you did a lot of mistakes, but your acting is great! If you become an actor in the future, I'll be the one of your fans! GOOD JOB GIRL! :D
Kar Wei, OMG! I'm so in love with your moonwalk! Can say handsome? haha! and I think you'll started have a lot of fans after today! LOL! xD
Ah fok and weline, the "twins"? haha dont scold me. But you 2 were very cute on dancing cancan! haha~
And thanks to the helpers today!
And you girls must thanks me a lot than I thanks yo all!
Cause, I'd skipped tuition classes to edit our competition's songs!!! LOL!!!
And too get scolded a lot of time by my mum and grandma. (Don't laugh at me. =.=)

Okay. I'll update the pictures soon.
Gotta get a rest now.
And oh yaa! HSM dancing competition on this coming Sunday!
I'm still gonna tired until next week.
Oh well, who wants to be our school team supporters???
Let me know so that I can tell you more about the details! :D

Belated Wishes ♥

July 02, 2010 0
This is a very belated wish to my mummy (in my blog).



Thanks for bringing me to the world.
Thanks for caring us for so many years.
Thanks for your tolerate on my bad attitude.
Thanks for your hard work on taking the family well.
There's too many things to thank you, my mummy.
You're the BEST ever!
So that's the award from me and Leonard to give it to you.

I Love You, My pwettiee Mother. ♥

Thursday, 24 June 2010

节目大爆满!/ 椰壳洞记。

June 24, 2010 3

如标题 最近本人的节目大大力爆满
首先就是我即将参加的My School Rocks!的舞蹈比赛。
一个星期留校两天。 T.T
虽然已经练完了 可是我们的练习还是不够的
加上我们又不是很厉害很厉害很厉害很厉害……那种的 ==
如果我们有晋级就记得投票给我们吧! :D

接下来,就是被逼参加的那个英文戏剧比赛。 ==
一直留校练习 给我老妈子骂死啦。 =____="
下个礼拜五比赛。可是我们好像还没有开始到? (炸到)
不然我很快就进医院了…… :\

不然啊……………… (无言 ==)

话说回来 上个星期六跟补习团去了椰壳洞,也就是所谓的Gua Tempurung
有动物的头、脚、人类的手脚甚至怀孕的妇女的样式都有 真是神奇…(听说是自然的@@)
过后就慢慢进入更里面的时候 越来越暗
思敏和小白还有慧甄都一直怕我会跌到或什么的 ==
过后 上面的石头就开始越来越低
所以有好几个地方就必须“用屁股走路”。 XD
最后 我们的裤子甚至衣服都湿透透!

不过我有拍照!!!XD     (路人:很光荣咩?==)
看照片就上我的Facebook看吧~ :)

Friday, 18 June 2010

I love to drive! ♥

June 18, 2010 0
I'm back from car practical~~
It's my 1st time driving car!!!
I'm so in love with it although I need to drive the same way for 3 hours. =.=
I wonder next practical lesson will learn how to parking and up the hill and so on?
Oww I'm so excited! xD
But ofcourse auto is better than manual. X)
Hope to pass faster and drive freedomly! wheee~~
And I feel kinda sick now...
Maybe is the problem that I had hungry for 2 hours at there. =.=
I wanna watch Toy Story 3 later!!!
Gurney Gurney all fully booked. =.=
Luckily Queensbay still got place...
But I want 3D!!!!
Aww... But the most thing is I hope my mom can come back home earlier better than no chance to watch. X)

Oh ya! For some of my school friends, or anyone close friends that have my contact number,
do you received my message about my new contact number?
If you didn't, PM me about that!
Cause I'm gonna stop using my previous number from now on!
If you had received, please update your contact list! A big Thank you!! =)
(Pee/asS: Don't ask for my contact number if I don't very know you or we are not close enough.)

Thursday, 17 June 2010

4 more days...

June 17, 2010 0
I received another birthday present yesterday! xD
Thanks to Ah Fok and Weline~
I love it! ♥♥♥

Dr. Grip! It's pink~~~~ ♥♥♥

We got the same mechanic! xD

4 more days to school reopen!! I'm dead!!
My moral tugasan, add maths folio and some other homeworks...
Oh no! And the results after school reopen!!
OMG I don't want!!!
Aww... I'm really gonna dead :(
But I'd to accept the truth. Haiz...
Anyway, think back another thing,
Tomorrow is my 1st time to the driving practical!!
Can't wait to drive on the little car xD
A lot of my friends had pass their car test.
And I'm now just gonna start to learn =.=
Hope I can get my own car ASAP! X)

Saturday, 12 June 2010


June 12, 2010 0
I was feeling to change everything in my web life...
Yes, as my previous post mentioned,
I love new things more than old things!
If I change everything, my mood change better. :P

Firstly, my facebook!
I must stop playing games now!
But maybe I'll continue it after spm or when I'm boring. ==
And I feel to change my web name? IDK what to use. :/
And the friend list in my account!
It's too many to let me delete unknowns now!
But I'm so lazy to create a new account and add my friends again. =.=
What to do? See my mood laa. =.=

And then, my beloved blog...
I feel to change my layout now although I'm still love my recent layout, Pixeled.
And am I gonna use back the tempelete type?
Or the original layout type? *Dizzying~ @.@
And if can, ofcourse my blog link.
If it doesn't have the word "blogspot" in my link will be better. xD

And my beloved Plurk, can I delete you?
Haiz...few weeks didn't update it already... =(
But forgive me that now I'm addicted in Twitter! X)
Plurk...I wrote down my mood last time but now,
I'm just like gonna wash away my memory. ==
Hmm...let's see how am I gonna do after few days. :P

And my album, I'd give up you on uploading my new pictures to you!
Because mostly I upload my pictures with friends in facebook for tagging people.
Should I close it? Another dizzies. ==

And lastly, MY LIFE!
I wanna be rich!!
I wanna have a rich life!!
Aww...I know I'm dreaming. :\

So now? I'm searching for my mind. Gimme a break.

Friday, 11 June 2010


June 11, 2010 0

Woots! Just came back from Queensbay Mall. :D
I love Neway!
Yup, I agree I love new things ;P
Cause it's new and clean and CLASS! wow~
But it's expensive although I get a discount. =.=
(Pee/asS: discount from my IC, I got 2 number "8" in my IC number! XD)
I love the FORWARD control! XD (ignore this ==)
Okay. Anyway, pictures are less than previous hang out days'.
But videos a lot! Stay tune! :D
And dongdong and me wore the same shirt! Don't be mistaken!
The shirt that we wore today is me, dong and Yan bought it at the same time with purposely =P
But then Yan can't attend todays hang out with us. =(
So, I guess most of the strangers thought that we are couple? LOL.
Skip this!
It's late now.
And I'd just uploaded the pictures to my facebook.
View it at there!

Thursday, 10 June 2010


June 10, 2010 0
现在刚好无所事事上来乱乱转 ==
所以我的老骨头就是这样承受不住 ==

哦耶~ 迫不及待地想快快学车!
可是我不管啦!我就是要自己驾车 X)

明天 期待见到几百年不见的冬冬和美婷。
还有 Neway~我来啦!! =D

Saturday, 5 June 2010


June 05, 2010 0
I'm sorry for my late updates again.
Happy Holidays peeps!
And finally mid-year exam has over.
The results will be sucks at all! GDI
Anyway, it's my own problem. I can't blame it.

Okay now. Today is my 9th day of my 7teen years old.
And I'd 8 days didn't update my blog. ==
So now, let see my presents!

First, thanks for LiTheng's cup! I love it so much~♥

How cute was that~ Although I less use cups, but I'll start to use it from now on. =D

And then, thanks for Vivian's keychain~

Aww... my Cici's eyes changed small! (said by Weline =X)
LOL. Cause I had one old Cici's keychain with her big eyes,
so she felt that my new Cici's eyes changed small. LMAO!
And actually, this keychain was bought at Prangin Mall.
You know why I knew it? Because I'm there when she was buying this!
And she lied me that is bought for her xxx friend! GDI! xD
Anyway, it's over and you gave it to me. Thanks! ^^

And another thing is,
thanks for the cake from Shu Chuan,
and another cake from my family!
Thank you. It's yummy.
So I'd gained weight after that day! LOL! XD

And the iPhone...I don't need to mention it again,
because everyone were jealousing me now! LOL!
But I still need to thanks to my beloved sister!
She bought me an iPhone's "Costume"! =D

I'm so excited when I saw the cover!!
It's pink pink blink! ♥♥♥
Thank you my DaJie! Muakz! xD

That's all for my presents.
Although it's very few of them, but it's a big happy to me!
I don't need to much presents, I just need your wishes!
But then, one of the best friend of mine had miss it...
I'm so dissapointed.
Anyway, it's over. I don't have to tell you.
And once again, thanks for the 300++ wishes from facebook and sms! =)

Friday, 28 May 2010

I am officially 17 now ♥

May 28, 2010 0
Back to yesterday first...
Finally, exam has over 5 days!
But still left 5 days...
and the following papers will let you die in the classroom. =.=
Biology, Physics, Add Maths...
Just 3 of this also will make me DIE!
don't say add somemore other papers... *sign...

When I was examing,
I thought of if I had a time machine,
I will go back to standard 1 to learn back my languages basic. LOL
I remembered that someone had told me before that she wanted to create a time machine in the future...
I had forgotten who is she X(
but if I remembered it, I will ask her to give me try once after she had created it. XD

And if anyone of you followed my plurk,
I guess you know that I had received a new Iphone from my uncle and his family.
(I think previous post I had already mension that =.=)
OMG...I still can't believe that I'm using an IPHONE now!!!
You know what? Actually that Iphone is my aunty from Singapore bought it for my uncle,
but my uncle don't want to use it, so he gift me that Iphone as my birthday present.
Let the pictures prove that I GOT MY OWN IPHONE! XD

Taadaa!! It's black in colour,
but my sis said that she will buy me the pink cover of it as my birthday present. xD

Okay. Lets walk into the topic of this post.
Today is a big day! Right?
I guess you know what it is~
It's........Wesak Day!
What a big day~ Traffic jam every where~ LOL!
Actually, I just wanna thanks to everyone who wished me on these 3 days!
Although lots of them I didn't know about them in facebook,
but still wanna thanks...thanks you guys makes me reply your wishes for the whole day =.=
haha~ just kiding~
And guess what, there's about 200 of person in facebook had wished me in 1 day!
I think you should know how busy I am~
and last night until today,
my phone credits had been used so much too...to reply the wishes ^^
and now, I am good to type sms with touch screen now XD (I'm kinda sombong ;P *teehee~)
Anyway, this year's birthday is different as the previous year too.
(actually every year's celebrations are different =.=)
cause, 1st time received 200 wishes from facebook,
and an extra big presents from my uncle with his family,
and stay at home the whole day to upload picture, updating blog and replying message. XD
What a great birthday I had this year! LMAO!

This morning I went to pray at the buddist association.
And after that, my mom surpose she wanna go to the EVE bakery shop to buy cake for me,
but they were off today =(
so she went to Eden to buy cake.

This cake is nice right?? I wan it~~~
but it's in a chocolate flavour =(
and my cake is...

Taadaa! I know it's childish X)
but this is just the one that is not chocolate flavour ;X

I'm officially 17 now. I wanna be tall!
I'm officially 17 now. I wanna get my own car licience!
I'm officially 17 now. I wanna better life!
I'm officially 17 now. I wanna...... (forgotten again =.=)
I'm officially 17 now. I wanna say...
THANK YOU to those who had wished me in these 3 days!!! ♥♥♥

Happy Birthday to Grandma! ♥

May 28, 2010 0

Happy Birthday to my Grandmother!! ♥♥♥

Yesterday night went to celebrate my grandma's birthday.
Kinda fun!
But I'm really lazy to write the full journey..
so let see some of the pics to know about it.

Actually I put this pic on is to let u guys see before the dinner starts and what's on my head.
Saw it? So now lets see after that what's on my head...

Taadaa! LOL!!
That's a present from my cousin Natasha. How cute it is.
And the hairband ran to my sister's head. XD

This is the view of the room.

Guess what? My uncle and his family gift me an Iphone for my birthday present!!
Oh my god...until now I still can't believe that I'm using Iphone now!!! XD

And now, let me introduce our yesterday's MC a.k.a DJ!

Taadaa!! Her name is Natasha and she is 7 years old.
cute huh? the activest one yesterday. XD

Grandma sang in her birthday! Woots!
I think she should go and join the Astro经典名曲歌唱大赛. XD

Anyway, we sang too! LOL my sound is not as nice as my sister. X)

She grabbed my mic T.T

Look at this! nice shoot huh? of course laa I took the pic wan leh XD LMAO!

Greedy MC use 2 mic. Wanna rap? Come on! XD

Grandma's birthday cake! It's called 寿桃. How cute it is XD

Singing birthday song~ Look grandma was so happy~ =)

Wondering why am I not in there? And what's the thing they were looking at??

LOL! I'm singing the birthday song with the DJ! 3 languages: English, Chinese and Malay!

This is the one. Everyone of us... ♥

Aww...how sweet...I also want~~~ X)

Guess what's she singing. (Answer: Eenie Minie) XD

Story telling by the MC! So many emotion on her face. XD

And now...the most excited part from our MC...

Wow! Guess what's she doing?? Belly Dancing! Woots! XD

The End. Eat a lot, play a lot, sing a lot, and scream a lot!

(Click here to view all of the pictures in my facebook.)