Thursday, 17 December 2009

I'm in Singapore now!

It has been a long time that I didn't use english in my blog.
Today it's the third day I'm in Singapore.
Seens that I can online here, I may update my blog this few days about my trip in Singapore.
(P/S: Photos only will be upload in my Picasa Album when I'm back to Penang.)

First day in Singapore (15/12): -
Woke up about 6 in the morning.
(It has been about a month that I didn't woke up so early in the morning, felt headache...)
Prepared and went for breakfast nearby my house about 7 and straight away go to airport.
Gosh! It's traffic jam... Luckily that we were early.
About 9++ a.m.,Jetstar Airline. (I miss Singapore Airline T.T)
Reached Changi Airport about 11 a.m. I love the smell of Changi Airport! XD
Then we met my aunty and went her house in Tampines by taxi.
And we went down for lunch and after that we rest in her house.
I don't like to take naps in the afternoon, but I'm too tired of it! Naps needed Zzz...
until about 5 p.m., we went to Tampines Mall for dinner.
Surpose that we want to go to Orchard Road for some shop and picure shooting,
but unfortunately, it's raining heavily.
Grandma said that it's very difficult to go so far,
so I went to Tampines Mall and the another new mall, Tampines One with my sister for some shopping until night.
At home, used my aunt's computer for a quite long time cause...her computer it's very very slow =.=

Second day in Singapore (16/12) : -
Woke up about 9 in the morning, bath and took breakfast later on.
Except my sister, we went to Downtown East at Pasir Ris for swimming in Wild Wild Wet.
It's not totally swimming but Playing in the water!
I miss there so much as me and my brother will went there for fun every year.
Ular-lah, Waterworks, Professor Playground, Syiok River and Tsunami!
(Photos will let you see how fun it is! XD)
Some might feels that it's for children to play,
but except me, there's a lot of teenagers were there with a gang of friends too!
After playing in Wild Wild Wet, went home by Taxi.
Then me and my sister went to Bugis by MRT for shopping as last year were having shopping fun at there.
Bugis Junction, the mall in Bugis was our favourite! xD
but  it's a lil raining out there.
We shop a quite short time in there, and went back for dinner.
Later at night, we went to Orchard Road by MRT as the rain has stopped.
The lights in Orchard Roads...Woots! I love it so much!!
Luckily my camera were fully charged. XD
We took and took and took every where that were full of pretty lights.
Surpose that we wanted to ride on the double decker that don't have roof top at there,
but we were late, the bus didn't come so long time that we wait at the bus stop.
so we went back home by MRT again. *crowded.

Third day in Singapore (Today) : -
As last night we reached home lately, me and my sister woke up lately too.
Went for breakfast about lunch time =.=
I'm so happy that the aunty that selling Wan Tan Mee remembered me!
It has been 1 year ago and she asked me "You have been long time never come already, right?"
I'm shocked, and answer her "Ya!"
But maybe that she thought I'm a Singaporian I guess. LOL.
Later on we went to Jurong East by MRT and ride on taxi to Jurong Bird Park.
There were really a lot of types of birds that we never met before.
In the half way, suddenly raining cats and dogs.
Luckily my aunt's bag were full of the tools that we needed - Umbrella!
We walk along and took a lot of pictures.
Before walking to the exit door, there were hawks show. (Eagle, I think =.=)
Interesting~ but still raining in the half way of the show.
Surpose that me and my sister wanted to go for a walk in Bugis again as we didn't walk finish yesterday,
but the rain were heavy and heavier.
Grandma were tired too, so we decided to take dinner in Jurong Point and just took a walk in Jurong Point, the mall of Jurong.
Went back to Jurong Point by bus and went home by MRT.
It's a quite long journey from Jurong to Tampines. Ipod needed! XD

Now, I'm finally using my sister's laptop here.
Tomorrow we were going to the zoo! And also continue our shopping in Bugis~ #

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