Sunday, 20 December 2009

I'm in Singapore now! (3)

Sixth day in Singapore : -
Morning also woke up quite early as they wanted to go to East Coast for cycling before it's raining.
Breakfast at downstairs, and went there by bus.
So unlucky that the double decker doesn't wanted to fetch us =.=
so we just ride on the normal bus. sobx.
It's a quite long journey from Tampines to East Coast.
Unfortunately, after we had reached there,
it started to raining. Gosh...
but it's great that the rain just a lil and a while.
So we rent the bicycle and cycle all the way there.
It's a big place, until I'm lazy to cycle. LOLs.
We cycle for 2 hours. There were so many "white people".
The childrens are cute enough!
We were having fun at there. Joking and photo-ing too...
Later on, we went to the nearest shopping mall, Parkway Parade to shop again.
No... I'm lack of cash now~~~
So sad that cannot buy anymore. T.T
But grandma felt tired while we shop until half,
so we went home by bus again.
the same bus, no double decker ='(
And I'm having spa in my aunty's house after reached home. Woots!

Tomorrow is the last day in Singapore already, going to airport in the noon.
Time passes really fast. I hope I can stay a longer time in here.
And all of my pictures will upload to my Picasa either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. #

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