Saturday, 19 December 2009

I'm in Singapore now! (2)

Today it's the 5th day in Singapore.
This 2 days were shopping, shopping, =.=
it's quite tired, but I love it! =D
Now let's continue my grandmother story from the 4th day.
(1st day to 3rd day : view the previous post.)

Forth day in Singapore (18/12) : -
Woke up qutie early in the morning cause we were going to the Singapore Zoo!
I'm so steam that the previous night can't sleep at all. (Missing my pinky XD)
The same as every day, went to downstairs to eat breakfast.
Later on, we went to the Singapore Zoo by Taxi.
The zoo became nicer and nicer than last time we came!
It's a good place that every tourism must go.
We watch a lot of show in there. Pictures, it's too many! LOL!
And we took lunch in there too.
About 2 p.m., went home by Taxi again.
It's a long journey. Ipod needed xD
After reached home, finally me and my sister went to Bugis by MRT to shopping again!
Walk and walk and walk, buy and buy and buy...
It's so happy and tired again. Dinner by our ownself at there.
Later at night we went home by MRT again. I love to ride on MRT! XD

Fifth day in Singapore (Today) : -
It's a lovely Saturday!
Surpose that they decide to go to East Coast for bicycle riding,
but seems the rain god was so sad, and crying too...
so me and my sister went to Ion Orchard at Orchard Road to shopping.
Went by MRT again. Woots!
Aunty said that Ion Orchard is big enough to let us walk for 2 days.
It's really big and walk until very very tired...
but tomorrow we were not going there again =.=
We bought a lot too! I love to eat the restaurant "Go!Go!Curry!"
It's a curry restaurant, but the curry were not spicy but very delicious!
I hope that Penang have this Japanese Restaurant too...
Today I spent a lot of cash too. LOL!
I'm not going to buy anything again I think.

And now, leg tired, eyes tired, but don't feel like wanna sleep ==
Tomorrow is going to East Coast if it's not raining.
If not, I don't have more cash to shop already T.T
Monday morning will be in Changi Airport to shopping already,
and the plane is about 3 p.m.
My Singapore trip for 7 days are going to sad.
Hope my study mood were back after back to Penang. LOLs!  #

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