Monday, 3 August 2009

Jing Yan's b'day @ Queensbay

Yesterday went to Queensbay to celebrate Jing Yan's birthday.
reached there about 12 something, but Yan said that her father wants to bring her for lunch 1st.
so I met with Xin Ying 1st. We walk and talk and walk until the Old Town there,
suddenly I saw a people who looks so fimiliar.
Oh good Dongdong has reached too xD
LOL. then we walk and talk again while waiting Yan.
after Yan reached, they decided to watch movie.
We watch Land of The Lost. for me is the 2nd time I watch this movie xD
but I don't mind cause it's very funny. =]

After movie, it's about 3 something.
Xin Ying wanted to meet her father to take some money =.=
before we went to Old Town to find her father,
Toilets 1st! and also some shootings xD

Dongdong and ME =]
kena Dongdong 偷拍 while we 3 were taking our pic =.=
ME and Dongdong again
Xin Ying and ME.
ME and Birthday gurl Jing Yan =D
This pic took while we were on the escalator =.=
This gurl looks "soi" =X

after that, we decided to eat.
Kim Gary too many people. so we ate at Wong Kok.
not bad what. we also having fun in there xD

how cute was this pic xD
look here birthday gurl!! xD
hor hor hor! kena me tangkap liao! yai yai yoi~~ xD
kena me 偷拍 XD
whoa~ did she really ate all of them?? xD [impossible =.=]
LOL these were what we ate xD
intro-ing the strawberry juice. yummy yummy~~

after finish, it's about 5 something.
Chen Hao and the others Stars from Hong Kong's event also has started
we went for a look, but we have seen nothing at all =.=

how can we see with those crowded people =.=
the view from downstairs.
crowded 0.0
the view from 3rd floor.

inside the 龙的传人restaurant
they were playing games on the stage.

We have nothing to do after eat after watching movie.
so we striaght away took some pictures at 3rd floor.

Jing Yan,Dongdong and ME.
Jing Yan, Xin Ying and ME.
my face was so blur =[
this pic was sooo cute xD Jing Yan suddenly turned her face away LOL.
Best Friends forever. =]
unknown hand! 0.0
"全家福" XD
Dongdong looks noob! =X
a self-lover =X
another unknown hand =.=
Love this pic!! =]
that's all our picture. we went back about 7 something.
It has been long time I never went out with Jing Yan with sucha wonderful day

Lastly, I wish my lovely best friend-Jing Yan a Happy 16!!! ;)

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