Saturday, 15 August 2009

I hate Sick =[

I was absent to school just the 4 days over.
first 2 days were in the previous article
Wednesday suddenly high fever at night and went to clinic
luckily no H1N1 =.=
Thursday feel better but still abit hot.
Friday recover but mum called me to rest more
today, KRS was having the one-day-camp and I missed it again this year T.T
I hate SICK!!! arrr was boring at home study study study >.<. next year gonna play until crazy because that is my last year to play =( I now only realise that my value in FFS is quite low among them =.=
I'm lack of cash d arrr...cannot pump you all d guys...
now change you all help me pump my value la!! xD
kamsiahh arrr =]

anothere thing is so gamdong...

XD don't understand? no need to understand la =P

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