Friday, 7 August 2009

Imma good baby

I have lose 1 thing on yesterday's article,
that is my class kena spotcheck after recess! so sudden leh...
suddenly 2 prefects stand infront of my class,
but I didn't heard what they say. maybe I'm death =.=
then suddenly everyone having some noises and they stood up
then I only know is spotcheck =.=
but I no need to scared anything cause I'm a good baby ")
but until last, I had forgoten I got 1 Azimat in my bag long time ago,
but now they find it out O.O
1st time I still thought I'm gonna get dimerit but the prefect just called me to go to register to bring this thing =.=

Today was extremely cold
but I feel better than a Hot day =]
and another thing is, the person I said that my school that kena H1N1 is just a rumour~
wheww~~ahaha hope that really no kena la xD

Tomorrow is going to the our Tarian Club Farewell~
beh syok!!! that day 1st time meeting said that wanna go to Evergreen or G-Hotel to eat buffet
that teacher also agree d, so some of them went to buy a dinner dress cause it's quite Formal.
but until that day, that NOOB teacher said what "we go to City Bayview to eat"
GRR...everyone also beh syok! haiz...
I think I will just go to picture shooting more than eat XD

Yesterday "ki hiao"... open webcam lai take picture =X
LOL. I admit it XP anyway~ have a look barhh =3

it's just 5 pictures here...Still have many many more XD
now I only know that was fun! ahaha~
I will upload to my Album soon~ stay tune for more yarhh ^^

The end of the speech: PC fair PC fair!!! I'm coming!!! XD

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