Friday, 21 August 2009

PIBG's Canteen day

Finally...I have been waiting so long...
this day...
the LAST day!!!
woohoo~~ tomorrow's holiday!!!!
haha. finally can no need to wake up so early every morning
but just one week larh =.=
haiz... National day is gonna reach~ MERDEKA! =.=

lalala~ just now canteen day...KNS!!!alah...mana can like that?! I want that Fried Spagati!!!!
hungry larh me...wuwuwu~~T.T
mana can until form 4 students time then finish jor geh X(
hate mia. others all also "bo tat" so smalllllllll but sell RM2 per piece
leh lao...makan duit! and some is the original stall seller cook wan =.=
every day oso can eat larhh~~ alalala =\
today our class not more than 3/4 students leh xD
geng...ho cai most teacher lazy to teach except those hardwork mia xD
haha. so hope every school day will be like that lorh =]

KNS!!!! just now went to set my phone Callertunes
mana tau after buy 1 song, they said my line have been barred!!!
damn it!! last time over credit also didn't cut! now cut! WTH!!ish...cannot use jor again la my phone T.T
need to wait again =[

Finally, a happy holiday to every one ^^ chaoz~ =]

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