Thursday, 20 August 2009

Monthly Test has Over

Finally...monthly test has over again xD
now again...can't control everyday online =..=
haiz...the next exam is just like a hell T_T

still October start jor!
walao...1 month++ mana can read so many thing
gonna kill me ka cham cham lo~
LOL. today chinese always believe geh "July" has started xD
later gonna help my granma to burn those money =X
haha. and another thing is,
come and register in Min's forum!!
haha...I've been waiting this so long d

Tomorrow, this year's second canteen day =/
organised by PIBG. I thought it will very nice and having fun
mana tau just 1 hour =.=
yesterday Puan Lim just come in say let us happy happy on that day
happy her head =.= 1 hour don't know gonna happy or boring
LOL. but luckily not whole school together at the same time lo

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