Monday, 27 July 2009

QB with Fish

Was ponteng from computer class today =X
the reason is I'm so tired nowadays =[
and the weather was so irritating! I HATE HAZE!!
LOL. come back to the original topic.

Yesterday went to queensbay with Fish and some friends.
I was there about 12 something cause Fish said she will be there at 12.
mana tau when I sms her, she was still on her bed =.=
nevermind. I went to starbuck with my sister a while
and after an hour,Fish only reach. [I waited so long for this "da gah jeh"]
after that we went to the YE Sales there to find our friends
so many people...beh syok =.=
liao we met Bossie and Chia Ying and also Sue Wei.
Bossie said that they wanna watch movie
Fish said that she 5pm going back but my sister say that she wanna study until 8pm only back =.=
luckily Bossie said wanna watch movie if not I'm going to walk alone for 3 hours
we watch the movie "The land of lost" without Fish and Huai Theng =(
that movie is very very funny xD
I think I'm too lazy to write every thing.
so lets read the pictures ^^ bossie and chia ying. We were at Dome before movie. bossie eating baskin xD

look! a pig is eating ice-cream!! oh dear xD

chia ying and huai theng. what a nice pose. gotcha! xD

another pic of a pig eating ice-cream =X

after movie, we went to Old Town. bossie is drinking suck a BIG cup of......I don't know what is that =.=

[waiting for Fish's picture. to be continue]

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