Wednesday, 22 July 2009

School Life 22/7

woohoo~nowadays so many homework...
but good that I've done all in school
I told myself I really need to stop addicting on my Pinky!
but I'm still lose control T.T
haiz...left no more 1 month is going to take the monthly test...
just say that hope I'm lucky =X
and today that Pn.Lim really come and find those 18 ppl.
LOL. kena stand on the field for 10 minutes recess time
but actually I felt that stand=no need to stand xD
tommorow the first period is bio again!
we decided to not to go up to class but straight go to bio lab!
haha...later teacher "tiok cheh gia" like see 18 ghost! xD LMAO!
oh shit! tommorow Lisan =.= gotta go to memorise~ =(

*additional, just saw ah fok and ah wen de blog...
saw those pic of me in bon odori were so so so so DAMN ugly!!!
yeeewww...I don't wanna paste on my blog =X
ehehe~~ XD

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